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Red... Red is the most energetic color in ROY G BIV violet being the least energetic.

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Q: Which color is more energetic red or yellow?
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What color makes people energetic?

Bright exotic colors such as neon yellow or Ferrari red

What color is more energetic red or blue?

It really just depends on you, I would have to say red because blue is more of a calm color. When red is more of a exciting, bright color.

What color makes Yellow-Orange?

Red + Yellow = Orange. Then add more Yellow.

What color do you mix with pink to make orange?

Red + yellow (more yellow than red for the brightest orange).

What colors do red and yellow make?

Red and yellow make shades of orange when mixed. They are perfect orange when mixed in even amounts. The more red is in the color the darker the color will be.

What is the ratio to make orange?

You mix yellow and red food coloring. Add to your icing until you get the shade you want. More yellow will lighten the color and more red will darken the color.

Can fire be a red color?

Fire is more often a yellow, orange, or blue color rather than red.

What colors should you mix to make mustard yellow?

You can't make the color yellow, as it is a primary color.

What color does white and orange mixed together make?

it makes a light orange type of color.

What to mix color to make a tangerine color?

yellow + red = orange

Why did Ferrari change from yellow to red?

More people custom ordered red color then yellow. It was all a matter of preference.

What colour do you get if you add red blue and yellow?

it matters on how much of the 3 colors you had. if you add more blue and yellow you'll get a red tinged green color. if you add more red and blue you'll get a yellow tinged purple color and if you add more red and yellow you'll get a blue tinged orange color. if you add a pretty equal amount of each color you'll get a mix of either gray, brown, and/or black.