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Q: Which colour change would this show with an indicator?
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Which indicator would be the best to show a change from an acid to a base?


How bicarbonate indicator show present of oxygen or not?

if oxygen present the colour of bicarbonate indicator will change to brown like in my experiment,i think it's not fully successful but not dissapoint me.

What colour would universal indicator show in an aqueous solution of sugar?

green, because it has a pH value of 7

When you add an acid to an alkali it changes to a neutral which colour change would this show with an indicator?

It depends on the indicator and there are quite a few. Methyl Red, Methyl orange and Phenolphthalein are 3 such acid-base indicators. If phenolphthalein is used as the indicator and added to the base it would immediately turn red/pink. As acid is titrated in, the red/pink will disappear and go colorless.

What colour does the univeral indicator turn in ammonia solution?

It depends on the concentration of the ammonia solution as the universal indicator can show a huge variety of colors.

What color does universal indicator turn in basic solutions?

In a basic solution the universal indicator will show the colour green, blue, violet or somewhere in between.

The purpose of an indicator in a titration experiment?

The indicator is used to measure the end point of titration. Methyl red and phenolphthalein are frequently used indicators in acid-base titration. Potassium permanganate can used as a self indicator in redox titrations where applicable.

What do you call a substance which is used to show changes in pH by its change in color?

An indicator

In an acid what indicator has no color?

Phenolphthalein and other indicators which themselves are weak acid show a colour change in basic medium (between pH value 7.1 to 14) so in acids they remain unchanged.

How an indicator works?

An indicator works to shows when there is a change in something. Indicators can show the presence of certain chemicals for example when dipped in fluids.

What are three things that would show a chemical reaction has taken place in an experiment?

Change in colour. Formation of a precipitate. Fizzing.

How redox indicator works?

This compound show a change of color at a given potential difference.

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