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Moravin College. Which was in the early 1700s.

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Q: Which community colleges are the oldest-in New York state?
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How many schools are in Rochester New York?

11 colleges, 3 community colleges.

Is there a community college in New York City where I can get veterinary technician training?

There are several community colleges in New York City offering veterinary technician training. Contact your local community colleges career office to find out if they offer veterinary technician training.

Where can I find a list of colleges in New York state?

The New York Department of Education and most public high schools within New York should have a list of colleges and universities within New York State. You can also go to and look up New York colleges for more information.

What is 1 of the collges in New York?

There are several different colleges in New York. Some of these colleges include City University of New York, State University of New York, and City College.

Which state as the largest amount of colleges and university?

California has 372 colleges with new York in second place with 286

What state is Nassau Community College in?

New York

Where can I find good community college in NY?

In order to be accredited, community colleges must abide specific standards. There are no "bad" community colleges. Community college is a great return on investment of your education dollar. This site offers a list of CCs in New York:

Can you be a resident of new york and go to a New Jersey community college?

The answer is yes. However, most colleges will have a higher tuition rate for those students who are not residents of their county. Check with the community college you are interested in and ask them for the out-of-state tuition rate. In addition, some community colleges that have competitive programs, such as Dental Hygiene,Respiratory Therapy,or Nursing give preference to individuals who are residents of their county first.

Where can I find online information about colleges in NY? is for private colleges in New York. is a list of colleges in New York has colleges and universities in New York

What division 1 colleges are there in new york state?

iona, syracuse albany st.

What colleges offer a bookkeeping course?

There are a number of different colleges that offer bookkeeping courses. Some of the colleges that offer course for bookkeeping are The City College of New York, Everett Community College, and U.S. Career Institute.

What is the difference between cuny and sunny colleges?

SUNY = State University of New York CUNY = City University of New York