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The companies which provide car insurance for those under 25 are 1 Cover Car Insurance, My Cheap Car Insurance, Direct Line Car Insurance, Churchill Car Insurance, The Co-operative Car Insurance and many more.

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Which car insurance companies specialize in insurance for those under 25?

None of the major insurance companies specialize in high risk groups (i.e. those under 25). There are lesser known companies, like the General, that do focus on younger clients.

Is insurance under writing different from insurance companies?

Insurance under writing is the process in which under writer check the risk of the customer and charge him a premium .Insurance companies are those which gie you protection against risk and compansate your loss at the time of accident

Where could one purchase cheap car insurance for a person under 21?

There are a number of companies that offer and provide cheap car insurance for a person under 21. Some companies one should consider include Progressive, Kanetix and Allstate.

Where can you find a list of health insurance companies in the US?

List of health insurance companies in the US can be found under life insurance companies list. Wikipedia also have a list for US health insurance companies.

Does ministers get cheap car insurance in Maryland?

Most insurance companies do, in fact, offer discounts to the clergy. This is under a working assumption that they provide help in the care giving field.

What types of insurance does Builders Risk offer to consumers?

Builder's risk insurance provides coverage to properties while they are still under construction. DGI Direct and Zurich are two companies that provide such insurance services.

Insurance companies that insure those under 30 years old?

they all do, they will simply charge you more than an older person

Which insurance companies provide insurance for tourists in South Africa?

Hey! I have got this reference of http://www.nriol.com from many people. Here you have option to choose travel insurance from any company listed under different categories on the site.

Where can a 13 years old work?

Very few places ! Many insurance companies won't provide cover for businesses to employ people under 16.

What does the term group life insurance refer to?

This is a kind of insurance used to cover several people, such as those under a union or employees of a company, as a way of limiting the number of individual policies for the insurance companies. This is also called Wholesale life insurance.

Where can discount auto insurance be purchased?

The best thing to do is to call several auto insurance companies. They should be able to give you the information on under what condition they give discounts, and what is the percentage of those discounts.

How do insurance companies determine if businesses are underinsured?

Under insurance is the situation where your insurance coverage is less than what is required to cover any loss you would incur. Insurance companies do random checks and base any quotes on the market averages to try to avoid the occurrence of under insurance.

Is the coverage under Medicare supplemental insurance plans the same, regardless of the company you go with.?

Pricing and coverage can differ between insurance companies that provide the supplemental coverage. Find more information at: http://www.medicare.gov.

Do any car insurance companies provide male enhancement plans?

Male enhancement is covered sometimes under your medical insurance plan if it is due to a medical condition. Your car insurance company will doubtfully ever provide any male enhancement plans as their business is ensure that in case of an accident your car and or you are covered.

Will your insurance be notified if someone else gets a ticket in your vehicle?

It can show up on your CLUE report which insurance companies use. Generally it will have your car but the other persons name and info. It is easy to get the insurance company to ignore that ticket under those circumstances.

Which companies offer drivers under 21 their own car insurance policies?

There are many different companies that offer car insurance policies to drivers under 21. In addition to one's local insurance company, one might also try Progressive.

Can I rent a car for a higher insurance rate if I'm under 21?

Yes it is possible. Of course it does depend on the company, but most companies allow it and have separate rules and regulations for those under the age of 21.

Motorcycle claim process how does it work?

Contact one of the main motorbike insurance companies and they will talk you through the process. Names of companies on www.insurance4all.co.uk under Motorbike Insurance.

Does property insurance cover damages caused by a tree falling on my house?

Definetely you can claim for the damages caused by the tree falling on your house. The Insurance companies cover these damages under the property insurance. Just you have provide the photos of the damaged house aas an evidence to claim your money.

Insurance company in the Philippines that declared bankruptcy?

according to history no insurance companies has been bankrupt because all insurance companies are under the insurance commission which is a government body. in addition, there's no gov't. body has been into bankruptcy. only pre-need companies are going into bankruptcy.

Do mortgage companies or buyers purchase homeowners insurance policy?

It is the Homeowners responsibility to provide property hazard insurance under the terms of your mortgage. If the Mortgage company has to purchase it for you then it means your already in violation of your Home Finance Contract and subject to default.

What are some companies that offer budget health insurance?

When looking for health insurance companies the offer affordable health insurance to fit in with a desired budget then it may be possible to find cheaper health insurance options on the internet. The internet provides such websites as the Money Supermarket comparison website under the search terms "budget health insurance". There are many other companies websites that appear under that heading category.

Are insurance companies part of capital market?

Yes, The insurance companies are parting their money in stock/bond market,collected under Unit linked insurance policies and are therefore part of the capital market, no doubt about it.

Money Can Be Saved With A Home Auto Insurance Quote?

A home auto insurance quote is a good thing for people who want to save money. You don't have to spend a ton of money on insurance, whether you are insuring your home or your car. If you can combine insurance under one umbrella, things will be much cheaper for you. Many of the insurance companies out there are more than willing to provide people with good deals if they have both insured under one policy. You can compare different companies, too, by getting a home auto insurance quote from a bunch of different insurance providers all at one time.

What is Ryan's Law?

Ryan's Law is a South Carolina law which requires insurance companies in the state of South Carolina to provide medical coverage for people diagnosed with autism. Under this law, insurance companies must pay up to $50,000 a year for behavioral therapy until the patient reaches the age of 16.

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