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Which companies test cosmetics on animals?


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Yes. Most major cosmetics companies test on animals. More and more companies are not testing on animals. Among those are: Aveda, Avon Cosmetics, Clinique Makeup, Estee Lauder, and Nordstrom Cosmetics to name a few.

Yes, many companies still test on Animals for Preparing and Researching Cosmetics Products. But there are some good Peta Certified Brands, which don’t do any experiment on animals and care about animals. They sell Cruelty-Free Cosmetics and Organic Vegan Products. For example - Rude Cosmetics, Too Faced, CoverGirl.

Usually they dont, but in some cases, certain cosmetic and perfume companies do test on animals.

MAC cosmetics does not test on animals.

I don't believe so. There are many great cosmetics companies that don't test on animals. Support them and boycott the animal torturers.

As a representative for Prestige Cosmetics, I can assure you that we do not test our products on animals.

OK I don't think that M.A.X cosmetics tests on animals. I know that M.A.C cosmetics don't test on animals. MAX factor cosmetics do test on animals. Sorry for my incorrect previous answer. Hope this helps.

You can always look into the company to find out if they use organic or natural ingredients. Most organic cosmetics companies do not test their products on animals.

No, BH Cosmetics does not test their products on animals. This company also does not purchase products from any suppliers who test on animals.

GOSH does not test on animals and they DO have the rabbit symbol on their website. Also, they are listed on the PETA list of Cruelty-Free Companies and Products.

Yes. Animals have very few rights. Actually it has been illegal to test cosmetics on animals in the UK since 1998.

GOSH Cosmetics does not test on animals. The cruelty free logo is displayed on our website:

Animal testing is were the FDA and other companies test cosmetics and medicines on animals to test their effectivness and to see if they cause any illness or poisoning.

nope, they don't use animal products or test on animals.

They test cosmetics on animals because since the animal is less important than the actual human, and they are similarly built like us, they test cosmetics and other products on them to see if it is safe for human use. It is also cheaper to get animals and test them, than to get human beings and test products on them.

I don't believe so. There are many great cosmetics companies that don't test on animals. Support them and boycott the animal torturers.

Cosmetics companies feel that animals are not equal to us and that it is the most cost effective method. That is not true. There are more humane methods to test cosmetics and medicine.

I looked on the PETA website, and Victoria's Secret is on the does not test list :)unfortunately, a lot of cosmetics companies have just recently started animal testing again on animals (they say ... ... "unless required by law), which is probably due to the companies selling in China. Check the PETA website and see if your companies test on animals! D:See link below

They test cosmetics on rodents manely but they also test on dogs, cats, monkeys, amphibians and reptiles. This shouldn't be happening Hope this helps

Cosmetics are made from chemicals. Chemicals can have adverse effects on the human skin. To ensure that cosmetics will not be harmful to humans, research laboratories test these on animals first.

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According to PETA, Meaningful Beauty products are not tested on animals. There are online databases which maintain constant updates on which cosmetics companies test on animals.

The cosmetics company Avon stopped testing their products on animals in 1989, making them one of the first companies to ban animal testing. Since then, Avon has developed a number of technologies to allow them to test their products and ingredients successfully without having to test on animals.

No, Jo Malone cosmetics does not test any products and/or ingredients on animals. They actually try to reduce the amount of animal testing performed by other companies.

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