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Iron is a solid as it is heatea with sulfur it forms iron sulfric k really i dont knw the answer i guess it :)

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Q: Which compound is formed when iron is heated with sulfur?
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What is the name of the compound formed when magnesium and sulfur are heated?

iron oxide

What happens to iron filings and sulfur powder when heated?

When sufficiently heated, iron filings and sulfur react to produce a compound, iron (II) sulfide.

Why there is no substance formed when sulfur and iron is heated?

no,iron sulphide is made up when sulphur and iron is heated.

What new substance is formed when iron and sulfur are heated?

Iron(II) sulphide

Is heated sulfur and iron fillings is substance or mixtures?

Heating sulfur with iron fillings lead to the formation of iron sulfide - a chemical compound.

What is formed when a mixture of powdered iron and sulfur is heated?

iron sulfide, FeS or Fe3S2

What two products are formed when iron sulphide is heated in air?

Solid iron oxide and a poisonous called sulphur dioxide

What happens when iron III sulphate is heated?

By heating this compound is thermally dissociated: iron oxide and sulfur dioxide are obtained.

What compounds are formed when iron and sulfur are heated?

The most common ones are iron(II) sulfide and iron(III) sulfide.

What happens when you heat iron filling and sulfur was new substance formed?

Forms the compound, iron sulfide.

What happens when you heat iron powder with sulphur powder?

A compound, iron sulfide, is formed by chemical reaction between the iron and the sulphur. Depending on reaction conditions, either iron (II) or iron (III) sulphide or a mixture of both of them will be formed.

What happened after heating the iron filing and sulfur?

after heating a compound named iron sulphide is formed which is a non-metal