Which condoms can prevent STDs

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Latex condoms protect against STIs.

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Q: Which condoms can prevent STDs
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Related questions

Does the IUD prevent STDs?

The IUD does not prevent STDs. Condoms reduce the risk of STDs.

Are non-latex condoms as strong?

Non-latex condoms are not as strong and do not prevent the spread of STDs.

Why do most shemales do it with condoms?

They are called trans ladies. And condoms should be worn by everyone. They prevent STIs and STDs.

Do condoms prevent all STDs?

Condoms do not prevent all STDs. They do a good job of lowering the risk of STDs passed by fluids, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and trichomoniasis. They are not effective in lowering the risk of infections spread by skin-to-skin contact, like herpes, HPV/genital warts, molluscum, syphilis, and pubic lice.Well of course. Yet the real problem is smurfitis which is the worst form of std. It can be transmitted through condoms. It travels up the body and you die within three days. The chance of getting it is 1 in one million. So otherwise one in a nob. Always, Mens N. Carhbert PHD in Smurfology and STDs. Sources: www.thesmurfhouse/stds/hair/gay/sex/ condoms DO NOT prevent against contracting an STD... they arent even 100% effective at preventing pregnancy..Condoms are useful to help prevent the spread of most STDs, but they still do not work 100% of the time.

What are the best condoms for preventing STDs?

Latex condoms are best for preventing STDs.

What condoms prevent STDs and pregnancy?

There is no one condom that can be 100% effective in stopping pregnancy or contacting STD.

What is a basic difference between sheepskin condoms and latex condoms?

I think the answer is that sheepskin condoms only prevent pregnancy and latex condoms help prevent std's and pregnancy. Sheepskin condoms are porous which allows for a more natural feel. While adequate to stop transfer of semen, this, however does not stop the passage of certain STDs.

Can foreskin prevent STDs?

A foreskin does not offer protection against STDs. Uncircumcised men should use other methods of prevention, such as condoms and reducing the number of partners.

When should you use condoms?

When you want to take steps toward preventing pregnancy, and when you want to prevent transmission of STDs.

Does breastfeeding prevent the spread of STD's?

No. Using Condoms and other safe sex practices limit the spread of STDs

Can condoms cause STDs?

No, condoms are for protection.

Why is sexual abstinence the only sure way to prevent the transmision of stds?

Sexual abstinence -- avoiding oral, anal, and vaginal sex, as well as avoiding skin-to-skin genital contact -- is the only sure way to prevent the transmission of STDs. Even when using condoms, these activities can spread infection. Some infections just aren't well-prevented by condoms; these are the STDs that are spread by skin-to-skin contact, like warts, herpes, molluscum, and syphilis. Since condoms can't cover all skin, there's still risk of STDs. For the infections spread by fluids (HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis), condoms reduce the risk, but can still fail, as evidenced by the number of people who get pregnant while using condoms.

What are other methods that can substitute the use of a condom?

There is none. Condoms are the best!There is a shot men can get but that is usually just something couples who has been married for years that use. But nothing is as good as the condom to prevent pregnancies and STDs. Although condoms are not 100% effective in preventing pregnancies and STDs there's not really any substitute for condoms.

Does Depo-Provera prevent STDs and pregnancy?

Depo-prova is a form of contraception used to prevent pregnancy. However, it does not prevent STI in any way. As such, to prevent the transmission of infections, it should still be paired with condoms.

How do women use condoms?

Foremost it goes on her male prevent stds and pregnancy..however if it is the female condom it is inserted into the vagina.

Is it compulsory to use condom if the lady is already pregnant?

The use of condoms is not compulsory at any time but condoms also provide protection against the spread of STDs as well as helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Do lambskin condoms prevent chlamydia?

Both latex condoms and synthetic non-latex condoms are effective at lowering the risk of chlamydia. Natural skin condoms, like lambskin, are not recommended for prevention of STDs. But if you have chlamydia you should abstain from oral, anal and vaginal sex -- even with a condom.

Can non latex condoms prevent chlamydia?

Both latex condoms and synthetic non-latex condoms are effective at lowering the risk of chlamydia. Natural skin condoms, like lambskin, are not recommended for prevention of STDs. But if you have chlamydia you should abstain from oral, anal and vaginal sex -- even with a condom.

Are there any alternatives to condoms?

Kinda-sorta. There are other contraceptive methods (pill, implants, diaphragm)that'll prevent pregnancies. But condoms - male or female, are the only things that offer protection against STDs during penetrating sex.

Where are condoms used?

Condoms are used on a mans penis when having sex. they protect against STDs and pregnancy.

What is Natural contraception?

Lambskin condoms maybe pricey but are a good natural and hypoallergenic alternative to latex. its made from a thin membrane of the sheep intestine. They unfortunately do NOT prevent exposure to STDs.

Can condoms prevent HIV?

Yes. Useful condoms will prevent HIV

Does spermicide prevent STDs?

No, spermicide does not prevent STDs. Spermicide only reduces the risk of pregnancy.

Are there any reusable condoms available in the market?

That is just FOUL. But..... Animal membrane condoms are reusable but offer no protection from STDs, so unless you're in a monogamous relationship and have no concerns about getting HIV or other STDs, don't use them.

Can condoms prevent pregancy?

Yes, that is the original purpose of condoms, to prevent pregnancy, which they usually do (although the reliability of condoms is not 100%); they also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease.