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Which confederacy general lead the confederacy at fredricksburg?


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Robert E. Lee, assisted by Stonewall Jackson, and James Longstreet.


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The Battle of Fredericksburg was a Confederate victory.

The Battle of Fredericksburg was fought between the Union and the Confederacy. The outcome of the battle was a victory for the Confederacy. Robert E. Lee led the Confederacy in the battle.

1284 for the Union, and 608 men killed for the Confederacy

The Union lead by General Ambrose Burnside, tried to beat General Lee to Fredricksburg, so that he would have a better chance of getting to Richmond before Lee. However, there was a long delay in the crossing of the Rapohannock River, so General Lee had time to arrive, and dig in for the assault.

The Battle of Fredricksburg was a serious defeat for the Union army, and led to Union General Burnside being relieved of his command.

Robert E Lee... It was the biggest mistake by the best general in the war.

He was a general for the confederacy

General Robert E Lee and Ambrose Burnside.

To carry the war to the North, fight a defensive battle and force the Yankees to destroy themselves attacking them, as at Fredricksburg.

The Big leader was General Ambrose Burnside, the minor assault leaders were General Sumner, Joseph Hooker, and General Ames.

Confederates: General Robert E. Lee, General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, and a more minor general, General Stuart. Union: General Ambrose Burnside, General Sumner.

No, Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy. General Lee was the military Commander.

The most important man to the Confederacy is the general.

The confederacy never surrendered, General Lee the general of the army of Northern Virgina surrendered his portion of the army at Appomattox.

John Bell Hood was a Confederate major general. One of his major campaigns was the Tennessee Campaign in 1864.

Confederacy. Lee's most trusted subordinate general.

The Battle of Fredricksburg was fought on December 13th, 1862.

General Robert E. Lee was the leading general of the Confederacy. He was a Virginian who was a West Point graduate. He was enlisted in the US Military at the start of the war, however his loyalty to Virginia and the Confederate cause led him to be the top general of the South. His main command was to lead the Army of Northern Virginia.

question: Who made the 4th confederacy flag? Answer: general Beauregard.

The two best generals of the confederacy had to be general Robert edward lee and general stonewall jackson.

Robert E. Lee lead the Confederates but he didnt lead them to the South when they where already there. Did you now that the North tried to get Robert E. Lee to be a general for the North but he said no because him home state was in the South.

Robert E. Lee. Lee was actually reluctant to lead the Confederate forces, but agreed to because he wanted at all cost to protect his beloved Virginia.

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