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Scorpius comes between the constellations of Sagittarius and Libra. It's also near Ara, Lupus and Norma.

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The Scorpius constellation has at least 18 bright stars. There are many more too, of course.

Antares is the most important star in the Scorpius Constellation.

Scorpius isn't a star. Scorpius is a constellation, which is made up of many stars.

The star Scorpius is also known as the astrological sign, Scorpio. Scorpius has a total of 47 stars that are located within it.

The stars in a constellation like Scorpius appear to form a pattern, but are not a unit. A constellation consists of many stars spread out over a wide distance and of different temperatures. So there is no temperature that a constellation can be said to be.

There are 47 stars in the constellation, Scorpius, which appear in the Bayer/Flamsteed catalogues.

because scorius has 32 stars and its the 3rd brightes constellation!

what is the nickname for scorpius the constellation?

"the Archer"; a constellation of the Southern Hemishpere near Scorpius

when was the constellation of scorpius discovered, exactly?

To the east of the constellation Libra lies the constellation Virgo and to the west of the constellation Libra lies the constellation Scorpius.

The Constellation Scorpius has 17 stars. Scorpius is easy to see in the night sky because it looks like a scorpion. The tail or stinger is made with the stars Shaula and Lesath. The heart is the star Antares.

Scorpius is a constellation, it does not have a temperature.

it means Scorpius the constellation Scorpius means Scorpion in Latin

Scorpius is a constellation not a star.

At least 18 bright stars and many more less bright.

Constellations don't have an absolute magnitude. That is a property of individual stars.

There is no record of who actually named the constellation Scorpius. The name Scorpius is Greek and has been used for some 2300 years.

Norma is a small constellation that is located between Scorpius and Centaurus. It is an inconspicuous constellation in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Scorpius and Capricorn and represents the Archer.

Scorpius is the constellation that is shaped as a scorpion.

This is the constellation Sagittarius, my sign of the zodiac, otherwise known as the Archer.It is in the Southern hemisphere near Scorpius and Capricornus.

The Scorpius constellation is easiest to spot in July. The best way to find it is by first spotting Antares, the brightest star in the constellation. It is easy to see because it is orange. The Scorpius' tail will be south from Antares.

The scorpius constellation is one of the few constellation that actually looks like its name (which means scorpion). Find some pictures of the constellation, perhaps you can notice it. Scorpius is the Greek word for scorpion, which is what the ancient Greeks thought the constellation resembled.

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