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Whales live in the oceans, not on continents.


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killer whales live in a cold spots

Killer whales live in a marine environment.

Killer whales live in groups called "Pods" .

Killer whales live in the ocean, which is not a country.

Killer whales still live. They live for about 50 or more years.

killer whales live in every oceans

The zone that Killer Whales live in is called the Sunlight zone.

Killer whales can live from 50 to 80 years old

killer whales live in the pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean and the Indian ocean.

KILLER WHALES.Not just killer whales live in artarctica, a number of other species also live there, such as the Sei, the Blue, and various others

as long as killer whales are able to have sex they can live to be old old whales and could kill many people:)

killer whales live by having a blow hole and they come up to the surface and blow water out theirout.

maybe not a lot of killer whales live n tundra in fact i don't think there are any!!

There are as many as 100 killer whales or orcas known to be in a pod.

Killer whales can live about 80 years in the wild; and about 20 years in capitivity.

Killer whales live in the open oceans, and don't make a home.

killer whales live in all oceans of the world they most like the coastal temperatures or the cool waters.

Killer Whales live in every ocean on the planet. Some times they swim in a freshwater river.

killer whales are mammals but they can not live on land beacause they are to big and can not walk with flippers.

Killer whales live all over the sea but the most popular part is the deep sea.

yes infact killer whales do too

Killer Whales tend to live in families, and as a group will hunt food.

Yes, killer whales live in groups called pods

Killer Whales live in salt water. Check out the related link below for more information.

they don't they live in the ocean

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