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Q: Which controls India politics or media?
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How does the mass media influence politics in India?

Progeria is a lol disease. Adalia Rose is a disgusting human being.

History of print media in India?

india in how print media development??

Who controls the media?

me New York.

How does the media influence politics?

The media influences the public's perception of politics and political figures. This in turn can influence how people vote in elections.

What impact does the mass media as on politics in the Caribbean?

Mass media has a great impact on the politics in the Caribbean. Mass media exposes the wrong doings of politicians, as well as their successes and projects.

How do sociologists define the role of the media in politics?

The role of the media in politics is difficult to evaluate however if postmodernist theory is only partially right it may be that the media is becoming an increasingly important influence on politics and directly or indirectly on voying behaviour

Who controls the media in Jamaica?

CHuck Norris

What is multi media politics?

multi media politics is the different ways a politition gets accross there veiws eg. tv, news papers and advertiseing

Media controls don't work on my keyboard what could be the problem?

You might need to install additional drivers for your computer to make use of the media controls

What impact do the mass media have on politics and government in the US?

The mass media influences politics and the government. They also form a link between the people and elected officials.

What factors limit the impact of the mass media on American politics?

Language and media bias are the factors that limit the impact of the mass media on American politics. Media bias can cause news channels to interpret the same events completely different.

What in politics can create or discredit stereotypes?

Mass Media

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