Which country completely changed its name after world war 1?

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Ceylon. Became Taiwan.

What changes happened to the countries involved in World War 1?

Answer . Well, a number of monarchies changed to republics. People were sick and tired of monarchs deciding to step in war.\nA large number of countries had revolts to deal with, allthough Russia is the only country to have an actual revolt (next to ALbania)\nIn short.\nGermany - were bankrupted ( Full Answer )

Why did countries change in World War I?

Answer . Countried has changed in world war 1 because of the depression lack of finance and soldiers could not be employed...? They also changed years later with ladies wearing clothes higher and showing skin in which they werent allowed to show and having more freedom

What country won World War 1?

Answer . \nA country didn't win; rather, the Allied Powers won; which includes the U.S., France, Great Britian, and other numerous smaller countries

What countries were involved in World War 1?

Central Powers . Germany . Austria-Hungary . Ottoman Empire . Bulgaria Allies and associated powers . Serbia . Russia . France . Britain . Belgium . Romania . US (entered in 1917 only after a German u-boat sunk a boat fullof civilians) . The British Commonwealth countries: Austral ( Full Answer )

What country started World War 1?

Historians everywhere have been trying to answer this Question for ages. Each answer is different from the next. Which is really annoying when you are doing a Project about it like me. So anybody, please find out the true Answer!! Answer Wasnt it Germany? They had been making threats until Engla ( Full Answer )

What countries were in World War 1?

England Germany and Austria-Hungary, Italy (quit this alliance though) were in the triple alliance. the US, UK, and France were in the triple entente Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, France, Britain, Belgium, Romania, US, Italy.

What changed after World War 1?

Germany ended up paying and taking blame for the War. They had to sign a treaty, The Treaty of Versailles.

What was the name of the enemy countries in World War 1?

Answer . The Central Powers were Austria-Hungary, the German Empire, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. The Entente Powers were the Russian Empire, the British Empire, France, Italy, the United States, Serbia, Romania, et al.

Why did they name it World War 1?

It was, at the time, called the Great War. There were many countries involved and there was conflict not only in Europe, but, to a lesser extent, in Asia & Africa. And there was confict at sea as well, the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic was a battle which saw the destruction of Graf Spees ra ( Full Answer )

Which countries suffered from World War 1?

World War I caused many casualties and affected many differentcountries. Some of these were the United States, the UnitedKingdom, France and Germany.

Name for World War 1?

The Great War and it was also known as the War to End All Wars, However, after World War II, the Great War was renamed WW1.

In What country were the trenches in World War 1?

Eastern France is where the most northerly point was and the trenches stretched all the way down to the Swiss border. The trenches were unable to go through Switzerland as Switzerland was a neutral nation.

Why did the names of some places in Australia change during world war 1?

During World War I, Australians were very wary of German sounding names. Germans who had lived in complete peace in the country for decades were suddenly viewed with a great deal of suspicion. In some cases, this suspicion was so intense that local councils actually changed German names to English ( Full Answer )

What countries changed after World War 2?

Half of Germany came under the communist rule of the USSR. It became known as East Germany. There were other countries that were trapped under USSR's rule too. I think they were Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia (at first, they became their own communist country), Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Estonia, ( Full Answer )

Name the countries that became independents as a result of World War 1?

Countries formed after World War I were Poland which was reestablished after nearly a century, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union even though it was an independent country before it was still a new country basically replacing Russia, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Turkey.

What country completely changed its name after world war 1?

During the war, Russia created the confederation known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. After the war, Austria and Hungary again became separate political entities. Poland was established as an independent state. In addition, the Ottoman Empire became the Republic of Turkey in 1923.

When did World War 1 change its name from the great war to World War 1?

The term "First World War" was already coined in September 1914 and again in 1918. When this was generally accepted is unknown, but likely sometime after US entry into WW2, mirroring the situation from 1914-1918. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_War#Cognate_names_for_the_war __ The term ( Full Answer )

How did the World War 1 get its name?

The war that was fought from 1914-1919 was called the Great War or the World War during and after the fighting. It was a global, i.e. worldwide, military conflict that involved most of the world's great powers and many lesser powers. It was not called World War 1 until the wars that began in 1939 i ( Full Answer )

Name the countries of the Axis in World War 1?

After the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Russia declared war on Austia-Hungary so Germany declared war on Russia, France then declared war on Germany and after the invasion of Belgium by Germany, England also declared war on the Germans.. Also on the ( Full Answer )

What land during the world war 1 change name states?

In the peace treaties after WW I, many countries in Europe changed their borders, and many new countries were created. E.g.: Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia (recently broken up into Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro etc). Hungary separated from Austria. Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania became indepe ( Full Answer )

Which countries were communist after World War 1?

Only the Soviet Union. After the first world war, there was a bloody civil war between the communists and the white armies that were monarchist and conservative and were supported by western allies. After 1920, the Red Army was victorious and consolidated its gains. The Soviet Union would be the onl ( Full Answer )

Changes of World War 1 to World War 2?

Better weapons, vehicles, planes, boats (Uboats), Dogfights, many other more but the main on is WW2 was open fighting not in trenches, well they used trenches but not as much as WW1Did World War 2 change the world? A large number of the returning military vets took advantage of the FREE University e ( Full Answer )

Which countries where in World War 1 and why?

The countries involved in world war one were Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy... these were split into the alliance system. Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungry made up the Triple Alliance and Britain, Russia, and France made the Triple Entente. This ensured that should one c ( Full Answer )

What was the weakest country in the world war 1?

it probably be France because it surrendered most of the wars they needed help in ww2, they lost to Mexico when only pistols where in Mexico and France had rifles so id say France . Mexico had the Mondragon automatic rifle, that was actually superior to the US BAR in its cheapness vs effectivene ( Full Answer )

Which countries where at war in World War 1?

in world war one there were two groups, the allied powers, which included great britain, russia, france, italy, japan, U.S.( later on in the 1917s), and 25 other nations, and then there were Central Powers, which included germany, austria-hungary(they were one country at the time), ottoman empire, a ( Full Answer )

How did the country of Germany change after world war 1?

Because of the Treaty of Versailles, the German accepted the blame for the war and were internationally hated. they had to pay for damages in the war and were broke, because the allies had claimed German land, industry was awful. And also, the French had siezed part of Germany and imported coal for ( Full Answer )

What countries fault is it for World War 1?

Not one specific country was at fault for the causing word war 1, its more of the contribution of all the countries that caused it for different reasons, but the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, by a Bosnian revolutionary, Gavrilo Princip, set everything into motion.

What countries involved with world war 1?

Countries Involved: Albania Arabia Austria-Hungary Belgium and colonies Brazil Bulgaria China Costa Rica Cuba Czechoslovakia Estonia Finland France and Empire Great Britain and Empire Germany and Empire Greece Guatemala Haiti Honduras Italy and colonies Japa ( Full Answer )

What countries had border changes after world war you?

Germany had large changes in its borders, which eventullty did cause WWII when they tried to recapture what they once ruled. Also the Ottoman empire lost some territory and was replaced with turkey

Did Germany completely disarm after World War 1?

no. well, not COMPLETLY. They still got to keep about 100,000 men, but no tanks aloud. Also,no air force or submarines, and only six warships. Austria,Hungary, and Bulgaria also had reductions in their militaries afterWWI.