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Onion is native to South Asia.

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Q: Which country did onions originate from?
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Where do red onions originate?

red onions originate from England. They like the rich good soil.

Where did onions originate?

onions originaly came from Southeast Asia.

Where do onions originate from?

South Asia

Which country do onions originate from?

Onions have been known and used since Ancient Times. The wild parent is thought to come from Central Asia. They have been recorded in Ancient Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs.

Why does a country export products?

When a country exports products it is paid for them. The money received can then be used to import other products. So, for example, one country has coal but no onions, the neighboring country has onions but no coal. If the first country sells coal and buys onions, it can now make delicious sauteed onions. If the second country sells onions and buys coal, it too can make delicious sauteed onions. Everyone eats better.

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What country does onions come from?

Yum yum!

What country are red onions grown in?


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You can grow onions in almost any country. Like Spain, Mexico, USA, etc...

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What country uses the term scallion which means spring onions?

Jamaica uses the term scallions to describe spring onions.

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