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Which country in africa speaks Spanish?

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equitorial guinea

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What country in Africa speaks spanish?

Equatorial Guinea or Guinea Equatorial. They speak both Spanish and French, but the official is Spanish.

Is there a country that speaks khoisan but not Africa?

No, there isn't.

What country speaks Yoruba in Africa?


Which country in Africa speaks Somali?


Does guayana prancesa speak Spanish?

the country speaks spanish

What is the smallest country in South America that speaks Spanish?

The count in South America that speaks Spanish is Uruguay. It is also the second smallest country in South America.

Which is the most populous country that speaks Spanish?

It is Mexico

What African countries speak spanish?

An official language is determined when there are at least half a million people that speak the language. The only country in Africa that speaks Spanish officially is Equatorial Guinea.

What is the one spanish speaking country in africa?

There is no Spanish countries in Africa.

What country in Asia speaks Spanish?

The Philippines speak Spanish although it is not the official language.

What South American country speaks Portuguese not Spanish?


How could you learn Spanish quickly?

by going to a country that speaks spanish or go to a school where you can learn spanish.

Is panama a hispanic country?

i believe. i think so becasue the country speaks spanish

Which country speaks Spanish is it MassachusettsArizonaPennsylvania or Pine Tree state?

None of those is a country.

What Spanish country speaks the best Spanish?

That is a matter of opinion, it depends on what accent you like better, what slang you like better, etc. It is like asking which English country speaks the best English

Is Equatorial Guinea the smallest spanish speaking country in Africa?

Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa.

What country in Southern Africa does not speak Spanish as its primary language?

ALL of the countries in Southern Africa do not speak Spanish as their primary language. The only Spanish-speaking country in Africa is Equatorial Guinea, which is in Central Africa.

Name a country in Central America that speaks Spanish?

Costa Rica

Is Algeria a spanish speaking country?

No, Algeria speaks french and Arabic

What country produces a lot of nickel and speaks spanish?

El Salvador

Which country in South America doesn't speak Spanish?

Brazil speaks Portages Also: Guyana speaks English Suriname speaks Dutch French Guiana speaks French

What is the Spanish speaking country in Africa?

The country is Equatorial Guinea.

Which country speaks portuguese not spanish as their official languange?

Portugal, oh, & Brazil !

What country in south America doesn't speak Spanish but speaks Portuguese?


What continent of Mexico speaks spanish?

There is no continent of Mexico. Mexico is just a country.