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The Soviet Union suffered the most losses during World War 1. They had over 23 million casualties during the war.


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Russia suffered the greatest loss of life during World War I. There were thousands of casualties on all sides suffered during the war.

Russia suffered the biggest losses during WW1.

Russia suffered the most total casualties.But in terms of percentage of of military forces it was Austria-Hungary

Of the 48.2 million deaths from all causes during WWII the Soviet Union suffered the greatest losses in human lives with an estimated 10 million military and 10 million civilian deaths. As a matter of interest, Russia (pre Communist) also suffered the worst losses in WW I.

The U.S. military suffered few losses during the war.

This is a question with a subjective answer. Which country suffered the "most" depends on one's point of view. Certainly, there was a degree of suffering on all sides.

A reparation is :Usually, reparations. compensation in money, material, labor,etc., payable by a defeated country to another country or to an individual for loss suffered during or as a result of war.

During World War II, Germany suffered substantial losses to its aircraft. An estimated 76,875 German airplanes were destroyed in the fighting.

Chile and Saudi Arabia suffered the most.

Canada, Mexico, and Cuba all had near 100 deaths

beligium and france are two of the countries in which the countries fought. belgium was largly destroyed

Communism was a major obstacle during World War I. The country suffered several huge military losses, killing thousands of Russian soldiers and because of all the money spent on the war, the government could not help its people recover from a countrywide famine.

The USSR, suffered numerous millions of deaths, mainly on the eastern front.

If your question is, "Why was Britain the most powerful country after World War II?" then the answer is it arguably wasn't. Great Britain sustained substantial damage from German bombing, and suffered immense losses during various engagements with the German War Machine. The country was more substantial damaged and weakened than other world powers, such as the United States of America, or the Soviet Union.

The families of those killed in the war suffered the most.

Compared to fighting in Europe, the United States suffered what disadvantage in the Pacific Theater during World War II?

Canada was the arsenal, the commisary and the training ground for the UK during WWI. They also provided troops on a very high percentage compared to other UK countries. The ANZAC's suffered terrible losses that overshadowed Canada's WWI contribution. In WWII the Canadians suffered terrible losses. War is unfair and the scales seldom balance out.

Air Force The Air Force was not established until after WWll, the navy suffered the fewest losses

world stock markets were badly damaged and suffered record losses

Soviet Union suffered the most deaths in absolute terms followed by China

The Allied powers took heavy losses on the Gallipoli Peninsula during WWI.

Stalingrad suffered the most casualties in the Operation Barbarossa waged by the Germans against the USSR. This record comes from Wikipedia under the heading: List of Battles by Casualties.Operation BarbarossaWorld War II1,400,000 #1941 The USSR suffered the most losses of life than any other country. They had over 10 million people die in their country.

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