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Which country won the first ever soccer world cup?

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The first world cup was won by Uruguay in 1930.

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England had the first soccer team ever.

Uruguay won the first ever world cup which they also hosted. They beat Argentina 4-2 in the final to win.

soccer is more popular then any other sports in the world and yes it is played in every country

no African team have ever won the world cup

soccer has a big affect in history. Sience the first world cup many people have never even heard of the sport soccer; and ever science the world cup every member of the there own country suports and cheers for there nation to take the gold home. with out the big turnament people wouldn't ever have found out about soccer

Uruguay was the first country to ever host a world cup.

Yes, the Vietnam soccer team has qualified for World Cup soccer but has not made the World Cup.

Only one team has ever being to every World Cup since 1930 and that country is Brazil.

Brazil are the only country to make it to every world cup ever held since 1930.

Uruguay was the first country to win the world cup in 1930.

The First Ever Soccer Team was Sheffield FC from England they now play in Northern Premier League Division One South (Step 4,Level 8). Notts County from the same country are the oldest League Team in the World,formed in 1862 they now play in League One (3rd Tier)

The only country to play in all the 19 world cups, is the SouthAmerican giants Brazil.With five world cup wins.

es in the first world cup in brazil 1950 usa1-0 england

It was hosted by two countries for the first time ever , Japan and South Korea.

miko kuzyk is the best soccer player ever

No (soccer, am. football)

The Brazil even thow im Mexican>:)LOL,they have the most world cups than any other country>:)

barcelona is the best soccer team in the world then germany then real madrid then

No. South Africa is the first African country to host the World Cup.

In soccer (football)?No, they have not won the World Cup.

The first soccer player would be whoever took kick off in the first ever match. The first ever international match was between England and Scotland in 1860. The first club match is not as far as I know record.

The first sport that was recorded on video was soccer

Technically, it's called the FIFA World Cup, and no, Canada has never won.

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