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The annual percentage rate on credit cards can be researched online. Many credit card companies offer a zero annual percentage rate on balance transfers.


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Currently in the USA the credit card that offers the lowest interest rate is the Citibank Clear Platinum Card, offered by the bank Citibank. This card is a Visa Platinum.

It all depends on your situation. If you have a good credit rating, then you will be able to get a very low rate from all the major credit card companies.

Capital One is a credit card company based on the United States. It offers many different kinds of credit cards, but the one with the lowest annual fee is the Capital One Orbitz Visa Platinum.

There are many credit cards that attempt to compete with each other for having the lowest rates. Currently, the Capital One VentureOne rewards credit card has the lowest rate.

The lowest credit card interest rate at the moment is 7.8%. The credit card that offers 7.8% is Sainsbury's Nectar Low Rate Credit Card. One can find low interest credit cards from the Money Supermarket website.

Credit Cards ( and Card Rating ( are two websites where you can compare offers from credit card companies and find the lowest interest rates currently available.

The credit card company Visa offers the Sony card through Capital One bank. One earns points with every purchase which can be redeemed for Sony product purchases.

The Consumer Credit company offers consumer credit card counsesling on how to reduce your credit card debt on their website or on their phone number 800 769 3571.

There are credit card offers that suits for a company credit card. I suggest you get a low-interest one that has purchasing rewards to maximize your usage.

Companies that offer airline credit cards include Budget Travel, Card Wisdom, American Airlines, Conseil Sur Finance France, Credit Card Assist and BMO.

Finding the lowest credit card rate depends on a number of factors including the your credit score, your payment history and the amount of outstanding debt that you already have. Depending on your need Credit Card Assist can help you find the lowest rates based on your needs. has an article on how to apply for a credit card. Also check any credit card companies you want to apply for a credit card with and look at their rates before considering applying.

That would depend on what you are looking for in a credit card. If you are looking for benefits from reward programs, then there are many credit cards that offer that incentive.

The Universal Card is provided by the company AT&T. This is a credit card that offers rewards programs as well as specials and discounts on AT&T products.

The Blue credit card is made by the company American Express. One can apply for a Blue credit card from the official American Express webpage, which offers rewards and no annual fee.

What type of credit card Bank of America offers

There are a number of credit card companies that offer debt consolidation. Wells Fargo, for example, is one notable company that is known to provide this service.

American Express credit card company offers easy terms for getting a credit card, they offer fast customer service. They are known to pay merchants slow but is still a popular card to use.

Bank of America offers the best interest rate for a business credit card. You can Compare Credit Card Offers at

First Command bank offers the best no fee credit card. Not only does it not have fees, it has a 6% interest rate on balances and they even have a free rewards program.

Notify them that the credit card was stolen to the credit card company and dispute all the charges on the credit card. You would also have to file a police report if the credit card was stolen. The credit card company must investigate the charges.

The lowest credit card deals frequently come based on an applicant's credit score more than a specific financial company or institution. That said, Capital One has the highest rated card for low interest rates.

If you have a good credit rating it won't be hard to find credit card offers. The best place to find credit card offers is at the bank you deal with. You will have to fill out an application and wait to have it approved.

The financial institution ANZ offers a couple different credit cards. ANZ offers a credit card for personal and individual use as well as business and company credit cards.

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