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Q: Which delegates from North Carolina signed the constitution?
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The role of North Carolina and its delegates during the framing of the constitution?

Ratified the Convection of the Constitution, along vith the Declaration of rights

What is the year north Carolina signed the constitution?

what 2 out of the 4 South carolina residents to sign the constitutio?

Who were the people from NC that signed the Constitution?

On September 17, 1787, at the close of the Constitutional Convention, thirty-nine delegates signed the Constitution in the Assembly Room of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The three delegates/signers from North Carolina were: William Blount (1749-1800) Richard D. Spaight (1758-1802) Hugh Williamson (1735-1819)

Which principle in the North Carolina Constitution is protected by the North Carolina Constitution?

law of the land

When did north Carolina adopt the state constitution?

North Carolina was the 12th state to ratify the United States Constitution. This took place in November of 1789. Rhode Island was the last of the original 13 Colonies to ratify the Constitution.

Why did New York virginia North Carolina and Rhode Island eventually agree to ratify the constitution?

The delegates figured correctly that the remaining states would not be able to survive on their own.

How many constitutions has North Carolina had?

Through its history, North Carolina has had three Constitutions: the Constitution of 1776, the Constitution of 1868, and the Constitution of 1971.

The first constitution signed in North America?

Articles of Confederation

Do codicils to North Carolina wills need to be signed in North Carolina?

Not necessarily. They need to be signed or initialed by the person for whom the will was drafted. The signing or initialing can be done ANYWHERE.

Which states had not ratified the Constitution at the time of the first electoral college?

North Carolina. A+LS

What two states did not sign the Constitution at the end of the Constitutional Convention?

The last two states to ratify the Constitution were North Carolina (November 21, 1789) and Rhode Island (May 29, 1790).They were in effect considering both the Constitution andthe Bill of Rights, which had been proposed under the new Congress in September, 1789.

What year did Carolina adopt a constitution?