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Q: Which demographic is least likely to participate in politics in the late 18th century?
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Which political party is least likely to participate in politics?

The Dead Party.

How likely are voters to participate in state and local elections compared with national elections?

Political participation is more personal and issue-oriented in state and local politics than in national politics.

Which customer characteristic will demographic research likely look at?


In comparision with citizens in European democraciesamericans are less likely to?

Less Likely To Participate in Community Activities

How does age impact political particaption?

The older someone is, the more likely they are to vote. In the US, old people have the highest percentage of people voting compared to younger people.

Who are most likely to be costomers of alcohol liquor?

Every demographic drinks.

What demographic is most likely to play games on a cell phone?

Teenage girls

Why does the British historian figes connect the weather of 1890-1891 to the decline of the Russian empire in the 20th century?

why did marxism likely ind a particular foothold in russia and its politics

What demographic groups are most likely to support a republican presidential candidate?

white males

What does demographic support mean when concerning a political party?

With regard to political parties, demographic support refers to the kinds of people who are most likely to support the party's ideas. For instance, the demographic for the Republican party is usually blue collar workers, who are religious and conservative.

What demographic is most likely to use LSD?

White males between the age of 18-25

What is a definition for voluntary response sample?

Voluntary response samples are things like mail-out surveys. The participants could choose to participate or not. This causes some forms of bias, because the only participants usually have strong opinions on the subject. People who care less are less likely to respond, leaving them out of the demographic.