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Q: Which describes a risk of biotechnology?
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What is one benefit and one risk of biotechnology?

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How does biotechnology affect society?

Advancement in biotechnology has enabled us to get better consumer products as reasonable price. Some incurable human diseases like diabetes, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis etc are now best treated using biotechnology. Biotechnology is high- tech low- risk technology hence its impact on the society is tremendous.

What best describes the risk status if any one element of risk shrinks to zero?

There is no risk

What best describes biotechnology?

the use of living organisms in the development of new productsThe use of living organisms in the development of new products

What are some of the potential benefits and potential risk of biotechnology?

In biotechnology, biological processes are used to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of life for humans. Some of the potential benefits of biotechnology are that there are lower production costs for the farmer, increased food production, and with the need for pesticides and fertilizers being reduced, biotechnology would be good for the environment. The potential risks of biotechnology include food safety risks, pests developing resistance to pest-resistant crops and/or changes in the nutritional composition in foods.

What word best describes a risk undertaking?


What is considered biotechnology?

biotechnology is in steak

What does biotechnology have to do with prosthetics?

what does biotechnology have to with prosthetics?

Which of the following best describes DCIP?

risk management program

What is the motto of Biotechnology Society of Nepal?

Biotechnology Society of Nepal's motto is 'Solidarity for the Development of Biotechnology'.

What describes how you assess hazards in the composite risk management process?

Estimate the probability and severity and then determine the risk level using the risk assessment matrix

What are the basic technique in biotechnology and nano biotechnology?