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Diode detector

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Q: Which detector is used in tv receivers?
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What TV series used the lie detector on the show?

There was a wellknown lawyer who played in a TV series that always used a lie detector in the courtroom. This is what I am trying to find out. Who was the lawyer? The series was in the 1970's.

What does the company Sonicview make?

The company Sonicview manufactures products for television viewing such as satellite receivers, wireless receivers, cable receivers, and Dolby digital receivers.

Where can one buy FTA Receivers in the UK?

FTA stands for free to air. These receivers are used for watching satellite TV. In the United Kingdom, these can be purchased from Amazon or from Maplin.

HD Receivers?

form_title=HD Receivers form_header=Watch TV with a clear picture. Get a HD Receiver and feel like you are actually at the game. Have you used HD service before?= () Yes () No Do you have any computers or game consoles attached to your tv?= () Yes () No How many HD receivers do you need?= {(),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}

What is the benefit of digital TV receivers?

Digital TV receivers offer high definition broadcasting and a clear combination of audio and video. Digital TV receivers attach directly to your TV with a cable and do not require any additional hardware.

Where can I get the best satellite receivers?

Companies like Direct TV are the place to go for satellite receivers. Direct TV and Dish usually have high quality receivers which will pick up a signal on most days.

What are direct television receivers used for?

Direct Tv Receivers are used to access cable or satellite channels. Usually when you order satellite or cable the company gives you a receiver to use. You can pause, record and do other things on the receiver which tend to cost 5 to 10 dollars per month.

How many receivers can you have with direct tv?


What are AV receivers and where can I find out this information?

Av receivers from my understanding stand for audio video receivers and are used in home theater systems they're used to amplify sound from different audio sources and also send video to your TV from other sources. A simple way to find out more on AVA receivers would be to go to you local electronic store and ask a member off staff for more information.

Where can you find cheap receivers that unscramble your tv channels such as HBO and Animal Planet?

You can find receivers that are pretty cheap at many different places. You can find receivers at just about any store or online.

Which cable type is used by a catv connection?

Coaxial cableCoaxial cable carries Community Antenna Television or CATV signals to the majority of television receivers oftnly.

Will tv-band radio receivers work with digital broadcast TV?


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