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This device is commonly known as a film camera.


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Images of light can be recorded by using photographic film or electronically by the use of photocells. The most common device is the camera, which can use either the analog or the digital method for recording.

It can b. Also the phrase 'record keepers' could be an object. subject - The record keepers are tired and lazy. object - I know the record keepers.

Unfortunately, photographic film is not a very efficient light detector. Only about 2% of the light striking photographic film is able to trigger the chemical reaction needed to produce an image. Thus, roughly 98% of the light falling onto photographic film is wasted.

it is a device play, record and replay music.

Record holds data about one object with its attributes specified in table.

Record holds data about one object with its attributes specified in table.

Digital light cameras use a device called a ____________.

obiviously using some recording device.

To calculate the volume of an irregular object you will need a container with meaurements and water. Place the irregular object in your container and fill with water until the entire object is covered. Record volume A. Then remove the irregular object and record volume B. The volume of your irregulare object is equal to volume A minus volume B.

A form can be created to show just a single record.

Arthur P. Townley-Parker has written: 'Photographic record of Winterbourne through the years'

yes it can, by going to recordings and go on "add record" and speak through the head phones

You can find volume by using displacement:The way you can do this is by filling up a beaker of a graduated cylinder or other measuring device with water.You drop some water in there and then you record how much you dropped. Then you put an object in making sure the object is completely submerged.The water will rise, and you record how much it rose, in Units of Volume (cm3).Then you subtract how much water you put in with the rise of the water when the object was put in.And that's how you find volume by displacement.

A Seismograph. See link for more information:

A seismometer measures the shaking of the ground.

As long as there is a separate recording device, such as a DVR hooked up to the TV, one can record programs when a TCL TV is in standby mode. This is not possible without a separate recording device, however.

He didn't "record" it on any sort of media device we're used to today. His sheet music was simply passed on.

Too early for movies. But it was the first major war where the photographic record extended to informal scenes of ordinary soldiers and civilian communities.

Use a device called the iMic if you are trying to connect to a mac. It works perfectly.

It is a high tech device to record Pokemon you find or catch.

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