Which digital camera do you suggest?

Updated: 3/25/2020
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CANON SD950 it is my favorite digital camera

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Q: Which digital camera do you suggest?
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What Canon digital camera would you recommend?

I suggest the newest canon digital camera

How much does an aiptek digital camera cost?

the aipetek digital camera cost any way from 90-500 dollars depending on the model of the camera and where you get it from also i suggest you try googling deals

Who sells the best slr digital camera?

If you want the best SLR digital camera, I would suggest you check out Best Buy or Fry's electronics. They both have the best deals in SLR digital cameras and come in a good affordable price.

What camera is more popular a digital camera or a old camera?

Digital Camera!

How does one replace a canon digital camera battery?

A Canon digital camera battery can be replaced by buying a Canon digital camera battery and putting the Canon digital camera battery in the Canon digital camera battery socket of the Canon digital camera.

Where was the digital camera developed?

at the digital camera factory!

How do you use digits?

I would suggest reading the camera's manual. It should have been included when you purchased the camera. If not, you should Google the manual because every digital camera is going to work differently.

What are some good quality digital video cameras?

If you are purchasing a new camera for home movies, I would suggest getting a digital camera like Nikon that can record video because digital video cameras are very expensive. That would be the cheaper route to go.

Is a digital camera a hardware or software?

A digital camera is hardware.

Is digital camera a noun or a verb?

"Digital camera" is two words. "Camera" is a noun and "digital" is an adjective describing the camera. Neither word is a verb.

What is the difference slr or dslr?

The 'D' in 'DSLR' stands for 'digital'. Therefore DSLRs are the digital version of SLRs. As for SLRs, the name does not suggest whether the camera is digital or analogue, therefore can the term can be interpreted for analogue or digital DLRs.

Which digital camera is best for 8mp 6x optical zoom?

i suggest canon sx100 which has 8mp and 10x optical zoom