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Right if your a lesbian, left if your straight.

On the contrary. It doesn't matter which side you get your cartilage pierced on. In today's society the left is right right is wrong saying is only used for guys, it holds no meaning to women. Go with whatever feels the most comfortable! so...IT DOESN'T MATTER! :)

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contrary to popular misbelief there is no gay straight side to ear cartilage or ear lobe piercing.

Whichever side would make you happiest. There is no right answer

you can be any age to get your cartilage pierced. well not any age you have to be 10+

Cristina Scabbia has her ear lopes pierced. She has both tops of her ear cartilage pierced and her belly button pierced.

basically anywhere, just not inside

No I have plenty of male clients who have ear cartilage piercing and they are not gay.

The pelvis and urinary system is not made of cartilage. Its the end of your nose and top of your ear. when you get your ears pierced the top of your ear is a cartilage, this is how i remember

There really isn't an age limit. I got mine pierced when i was 9.

The best way to tell if your ear cartilage is cracked after having it pierced, is to feel it. If you feel a gap or if it is very sore weeks after, it might be cracked.

Many people say homosexuals get there cartilage pierced on the right. But many people don't believe that. It really depends on what you prefer.

The left ear should be the correct ear to be pierced. If you get your left ear pierced your not gay if you get your right you are gay but if you get both it means nothing.

yes it hurt a bit after 2 or 3 hours

From what I know, have your cartilage already pierced before you try to gage it. I pierced my own, then once it healed i put a 14 gauge through it. It didn't really hurt but pinched a little.

Cartilage is just that. It hardly contains any blood vessels. That is why there is very little blood when this area is pierced.

6 weeks for the lobe of the ear, but 12 weeks for top of ear (cartilage).

Wait at least 4 weeks to avoid infection

Because it is infected. you need to clean it and let it heal on its own

A professionally provided body piercing should not bleed except for ear cartilage piercing ( bleeding is almost always expected with ear cartilage due to the method used to piercer that tissue). But no your navel should not bleed after it has been pierced, if it is bleeding then you have either tugged the piercing causing a tear in it or the piercer has made a mistake in providing the service.

It really doesn't matter what side unless you have bumps and junk on one ear. It doesn't hurt bad either.It does not matter! :D

They want their ear pierced to prove to girl that they look tough.

Eating and ear cartilage have no relation to each other, besides being on the same head, food has nothing to do with the cartilage piercing.

You should NOT get your cartilage pierced at any other place aside from a tattoo parlor. No piercings should be done without a hollow needle as a regular needle will push the skin and cartilage that is being pierced to the back of your ear causing infection, swelling, and an all out gross looking ear. I highly suggest that you go to a tattoo parlor and get it done professionally. It will cost anywhere from10-40 dollars depending on where you go and if you have an earring to go in it. The earring should be steel as it is hypoallergenic. Sources: I'm a piercer and I have a lot of experience and I have many piercings including my cartilage. Hope this helps. --------------------------------------------------- Improved answer: I dont understand why everyone says not to get it done at Claire's. I got my cartilage done at Claire's and it was PERFECTLY FINE. It was $33 for the earring, piercing, and ear cleaner fluid. My ear did NOT get infected and nothing bad happened at all. Personally tattoo parlors are pretty scary.... Everyone at Claire's are nice and friendly Sources: Got my cartilage pierced at Claire's

either ear you would like it on.

She has them pierced 7 times. double lobes on both ears, extra lobe piercing on left ear and she has two cartilage piercing on her left ear also.

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