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There are five different elements that are named by scientists. The five elements are Bohrium, Curium, Einsteinium, Fermium and Lawrencium.

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Q: Which elements are named by scientists?
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What are the scientists names that do not have elements named after them?

Very few scientists have elements named after them. Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, and Alfred Nobel have elements named after tham. Everybody else doesn't.

How many scientists are named after elements?

Surprisingly, most are.

What 10 elements are named after 10 scientists?


What Elements are named for famous women scientists?

Curium, named after Marie (and Pierre) Currie.Meitnerium, named after Lise Meitner.

What Elements are named for famous scientists and the scientist named?

what is the name of the scientents that has the element cm named after him

What are three elements on the periodic table named after scientists?

einstenium fermium mendelevium

Are there any elements named after scientists?

Yes. Lawrencium was named after Ernest Lawrence. Curium was named after Marie Curie. Einsteinium was named after Albert Einstein. Mendelevium was named after Dmitri Mendeleev. most of them were artificial elements

How many elements have been named after scientists?

seven have been named after scientist the most well known is einsteinium

Are the elements in the periodic table of elements named after scientists?

Some of them and some of someone else like the teddy bear named after Theodore Roosevelt.Some are even named after countries, like Francium.

What are the scientists names and first names that have had elements named after them?

Louis pasture Alexander flemming

What 2 elements are named after scientists? hopefully this helps you

What are three elements named for famous scientists?

-Fermium : it was named after nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi -Einsteinium: it was named after Albert Einstein -Mendelevium: it was named after Dimitri Mendeleev.

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