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Nitric acid has molecular formula HNO3, so its elements are Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen.

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Which acids make up acid rain?

Sulfuric and Nitric acids

Why is nitric acid used for dissolution of brass?

Nitric acid is both an acid and an oxidizer. Acids wont eat brass, but it will eat the oxides formed on its surface, and since nitric acid will oxidize the brass, it will also dissolve it until one reactant or the other is used up.

What elements make up lactic acid?

Hydrogen,carbon and oxygen! :)

What 2 elements make up stomach acid?

Stomach acid is mostly hydrochloric acid, which is HCl, so hydrogen and chlorine.

What elements make up folic acid?

Carbon , Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen

What chemicals make up TNT?

TNT is trinitrotoluene. It can be made by reacting concentrated nitric acid with toluene. It usually needs a small amount of concentrated sulfuric acid to help.

What elements are found in sulfuric acid?

In H2SO4 the elements that make that up are the following three:HydrogenSulphurOxygen

Does nitric acid eat up all but gold?

No. Nitric acid can be purchased and stored in a glass bottle. There are a number of other substances it won't corrode as well including platinum and rhenium.

What elements make up hydrochioric acid?

Hydrochloric acid is a solution of hydrogen chloride (HCl) in water. :)hope this helped:)

What elements make up sulfuric acid?

Hydrogen, Sulphur and Oxygen, hence H2SO4.

What elements are contained in vinegar?

The elements that make up the main ingredient in vinegar, acetic acid, are:Carbon,Hydrogen,Oxygen.

Would it neutralized nitric acid?

It is possible after adding a base, up to pH = 7.

What are the elements that make up Magnesium Stearate?

As stearic acid is a carboxylic acid, it has carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore magnesium stearate has the elements stated above along with magnesium.

What elements make up benzoic acid?

The chemical formula of benzoic acid is C6H5COOH. The molecule contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

How many different elements make up the compound sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid, H2SO4, contain hydrogen, sulfur and oxygen.

What elements make up hydrofluoric acid?

It's a solution of hydrogen and fluoride mixed with water

How do you make homemade dynamite?

Get nitric acid+sulphuric acid+glycerin then add to a bowl of porridge oats so that it soaks up all the liquid.Then get some thick paper and put some of the nitroglycerine

What elements make up?

Atoms make up elements and elements make up all matter.

What are the two elements that make up chromosomes?

proteins (e.g. histones) and nucleic acid (RNA and DNA)

What element makes up acid?

Acids are made up of a hydrogen ion and another ion. The latter can be made up from a vast variety of elements. Common examples:Chlorine (hydrochloric acid)Nitrogen and oxygen (nitrous or nitric acids)Carbon and oxygen (carbonic acid, acetic acid and lots of others).

What elements make up hydrocloric acid?

The formula for hydrochloric acid is HCl. Each molecule of hydrochloric acid is composed of one atom of hydrogen and one molecule of chlorine.

What elements make up acetic acid?

well, 5% acetic acid has an elemental makeup of C(2)H(4)O(2)

Can nitric acid dissolve iron oxide?

Quite effectively, actually. I was pickling a rusted bracket in nitric acid but I left it too long. The bracket was rust-free but the acid continued to eat the steel until it was paper-thin. You are better off using hydrochloric or phosphoric acid if you are prepping steel for painting. Both will open up the metal without eating it up.

What elements make up vitamin C?

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) contain carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.

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