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Which epidermis layer includes stem cells that continually undergo cell division?


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The Stratum basale (Stratum germinativum)


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Basal calls: stem cells that continually undergo cell division and produce new olfactory receptors.

Cancer cells undergo unchecked rapid division in the body.

No, xylem cells are "dead" cells and therefore do not undergo cell division.

Mitotic cell division occurs in the Basale layer of the epidermis. Stem cells undergo mitosis to produce new keratinocytes. Of the two keratinocyte daughter cells produced by mitosis, one migrates to the surface of your skin while the one remains in the basale layer of the epidermis to produce more keratinocytes cells.

Yes, ALL cells undergo cell division. Because if there were types of cells that don't undergo cell division, these cells' specialization wouldn't be able to grow or be replaced. For example if hair cells didn't undergo cell division; your hair wouldn't be able to grow. NO!! Nerve cells,Red blood cells..they don't undergo cell division.

A cell cycle is the regular sequence of growth and division that cells undergo.

Cells undergo cell division about every 30 days. By doing this they create new cells.

They have asexual reproduction.So they undergo mitosis.

They both undergo a type of division. Plants undergo cell plate formation. Animals undergo cleavage.

Mitotic division is the includes division of nucleus and it divides the cell into two daughter cell whereas the prokaryotic cell don't have nucleus and they are divided through the process of binary fission

its a processes that cells of epidermis undergo proliferation and differentiation to maintain cell loss and production of cells

When a pig egg cells is fertilized the fertilized egg will undergo cell division to produce more cells what is the name of this cell division?

Bacteria is one cell population that doesn't under go cell division. .............. heart cells and brain cells are the two cell populations in the body that donot undergo cell division

Germinal centers of lympoid tissues.

They do not undergo meiosis or mitosis.They undergo binary fission,multi fission,budding etc

Meiosis is the type of cell division that createsgametes.Gametes do not undergo cellular division - they are the end result or product of meiosis.

Body cells undergo mitotic cell division so that each daughter cell is genetically identical to each parent cell and to all other body cells.

Plant cells undergo the process of meiosis in order to produce their seeds. Spores are the products of cell division in plants.

They originate in the deepest layer of epidermis, called stratum basale. The columnar cells of this deep layer are constantly dividing to produce new cells that move outward to undergo metamorphosis at different levels.

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