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Naruto and Sasuke kiss was really an accident because someone bumped into naruto behind him and he went forward and they kissed, it was episode 3


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They kiss in episode 3: Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes?.

Naruto episode 3 and naruto shipunden episode 194

As far as the series has gone, Sasuke has not kissed Sakura in Naruto.

In episode 3 of the original Naruto series, Naruto got his first kiss, an accidental one when he was pushed into Sasuke.

Who is Naruto's First Kiss?It is Sasuke Uchiha,as indicated in Episode 3 of Naruto.

Episode 2 - he is accidentally pushed into Sasuke

They kissed once in episode 3...Naruto and Sasuke were glaring when someone accidently pushed Naruto into Sasuke. They also kiss in episode 194 of Naruto Shippuden. Sadly, another accident...

Naruto and Sasuke kiss in original episode 3 and Shippuden episode 194. The sceen when Sakura gives Naruto the kiss of life isn't anime yet.

Naruto does not kiss Hinata. Not by accident in the anime or the manga. However, he did kiss Sasuke by accident.

No. So far Sasuke has not kissed Sakura.

Never; they've yet to do so. As for Naruto and Sasuke, the first episode.

episode 2 or 3 but it was not sasuke. it was naruto using a transformation jutsu. the real sasuke was tied up in a room...poor sasuke...

It never happened, and it never will happen.

Yes, he does. He kisses Sasuke by accident on episode 3.

he kissed sasuke in the 2-5 episode C: i dont remember clearly

i think your mistaken, in that episode sasuke drops to the ground and does NOT kiss naruto, but takes his last look at naruto face to face before he leaves the village. with great pain he gets up and leaves. where ever you saw naruto and sasuke kiss was probably in episode 3 or 4, when it was just very funny, or it was altered by computer. OH I think that this person mean's a SasuNaru comic I think or it an episode of Naruto like I said I don't know.

hasn't been released yet but since sasuke only cares for his power i don't think that he will kiss sakura. maybe naruto will turn into sasuke and kiss her but something she pushes him away and says sfe loves naruto now might happen

In which episode will naruto meet sasuke again ?

Yes! He shares his first kiss with Sasuke <-- Im not lying. Episode 3

As of now, Sakura and Sasuke haven't kissed in Naruto Shippuden (with Sasuke out to kill everyone in Konoha... I doubt that's one of his priorities).

No but Sasuke did kiss Naruto by accident!

No, Naruto has not kissed a girl.However, by accident, he has kissed Sasuke.(also happened in) His first kiss from a girl would be in Naruto Episode 169- Remembrance: The Lost Page. Isaribi gave the kiss.In Shippuden, episode 60, Fuuka kisses Naruto

Naruto has not killed Sasuke yet.

Naruto kissed Sasuke by accident.

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