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Q: Which episode does ichgo vs grimjow?
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When do Ichigo and Grimjow fight for the last time?

episode 167

Does ichgo like rukia?

no he does not like her

Does grimjow in bleach really die in episodes 155-165?

NO. we dont know if he really dies as he was going to attack ichigo ,noitra further damages grimjow but it is uncertain that he died! =]

What episode does ginga vs phoenix?

episode 39

In which episode is the gohan vs cell?

episode 176

What episode does Goku vs Pikkon?

episode 184

What is the next episode from wizards vs asteroids?

The Wizards of Waverly Place episode that is after "Wizards vs Asteroid" is the episode that's titled "Justin's Back In."

When did ichgo lose his powers?

When he used Final Getsuga Tensho aka Mugetsu.

Who would win in a fight-Gin Ichimaru or Grimjow Jaggerjack?

ichimaru for the skills

What episode Luffy vs Usopp in PPS?

it is in episode 3.

What episode shank vs whitebeard?

They fight on episode 316.

Is there a Pokemon episode when ash vs drew?

episode 56