Which famous French drinks do France like the most?


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some are wine,un cafe,un the,une limonade,un soda,un jus de raisin and a few others.un coca


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French love a good coffee or hot chocolate in the morning and like coke, but the most noteworthy of all French drinks is of course Champange.

the french drinks a lot of win

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The most commonFrench drinks are:Gini- lemonadeMecca-cola- Like cokeOrangina- Made from Oranges and tangerinesAnd heaps of types of wine!I really hope this helped :)

foods like french fires, hamburgers, and large drinks

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well, they moslty like fish food, french dinners, and beef. Their favorite sport is hockey. Their favorite drinks are Coke, Red Bull, And water plus all kinds more drinks.

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Edith Piaf. The sparrow as she was known. I have read that some French people think her most famous song is the French national anthem. It isn't, but it's that famous and well known.

NO. This is like asking if Americans are canadians.. dutch people are from the Netherlands, french people are from France.

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