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Q: Which famous artist sketched helicopter inventions long before planes were invented?
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Who was the artist that sketched a pyramid parachute 300 years before it was invented?

hot air balloon

Was van Gogh a futuristic artist?

Vincent van Gogh was NOT a futuristic artist. He painted, drew, sketched, and chalked things from his time. He didn't imagine much of the future, as he had mental problems and other things to worry about.

What was the name of the artist that sketched Marie Antoinette as she was transported by a cart to the guillotine?

There exists only a rough sketch by Jacques-Louis Davis

What famous artist and inventor came up with a primitive design for a helicopter?

Leonardo Da Vinci

What is better Sketched drawings or those Clean drawings?

That depends on two things: 1) what the artist prefers, and 2) what the observers prefer. Both are constantly changing. I personally like sketched drawings, because it is usually the raw, beautiful, untamed picture that is initially drawn by the artist, and it hosts a lot of emotion and natural beauty. Clean drawings are very pretty to look at, and tend to be a little easier on the eyes. For me, however, they have a very talored look, and for me, it seems that much of the emotion of the artist has been lost in the erasing (or single-line drawing).

Who painted or sketched this picture?

Since I am unable to see which picture you are referring to, I am unable to locate the artist. If you have a picture of the painting, try placing it in the Google search bar to do a reverse image search.

The name of a famous artist who draws shells?

Some people who have drawn or sketched shells are:Anne Vallayer-CosterRichard MurdockThere are links to some of their works below.

Which artist invented the tenebroso technique?


Was Walt Disney a artist?

yes or who invented Micky

Who was the famous artist that invented scissors?

Leonardo DaVinci

What are other inventions that Galileo contribute?

it is that he is an artist and a amazing football player and he lived in America and was born on the 21 Jan 1796.

Is the artist who invented the mobile A Jean Tinguely B Alexander Calder C Joseph Beuys D Robert Smithson?

Alexander Calder is the artist that invented the mobile in 1956.