Which famous entertainers served in the army?

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In those days the Army also ran the Air Force so :- Clark Gable, Queen Elizabeth Of England, Danny Kay, Elvis Presley and any other major Hollywood Stars who 'wanted to do their bit for the War Effort'
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Tommy Roe served in the army when?

Tommy Roe actually served in the Army Reserve from 1963 through1966. He was a electrician during his enlistment.

How did George Washington serve in the army?

At the age of 20, George Washington had no experience or training as a soldier. But Lawrence's war stories had interested him in military affairs. He applied to the governor for a commission in the militia. In December 1752, he was commissioned as a major. He was put in charge of training militia in ( Full Answer )

What 3 famous entertainers served their country in World War 2?

There were many entertainers who served the country as volunteers or enlisted into the army. Many Hollywood actors volunteered at canteens ( or clubs) near Hollywood. Some actors and other entertainers such as famous boxers served in the military. There were also some who served the soldiers by ente ( Full Answer )

Why are you serving in the army?

it's a job. travel often. schooling available. work history. payed every month. free room and meals.........retirement pay if around long enough

Who are some famous entertainers from Australia?

kylie and danni minogue; barry humphries; rolf harris; the seekers; Olivia newton-john; frank ifield; Jason donovan; nellie melba; joan sutherland; clive James; paul hogan( crocodile dundee) ; heath ledger; Nicole kidman ; mel Gibson ; gypsy & the cat; the easybeats

Why did the Christians refuse to serve in the army?

What makes you think Christians refused to serve? Where and when? Most Christians have always served. There will always be individual people and subgroups who will make a conscience decision not to serve for a variety of reasons, but you should not make a general statement that includes all of a par ( Full Answer )

Did Harry Truman serve in the army?

Yes. He was an artillery officer in the Missouri national guard. In WW1 his regiment the 129th field artillery was attached to the 35th infantry division in France. When he retired from the national guard he held the rank of colonel.

Did ronald reagan serve in the army?

Yes. Reagan was an officer in W W II. His eyesight was so bad thathe could not serve overseas. Also he was already a movie star, sohe was assigned to make training films for the army after he wentactive duty. He joined the reserves before he made any movies byfaking his eye test. I think he wanted t ( Full Answer )

Did Richard Nixon serve in the army?

Richard Nixon was a member of the US Navy Reserve as a Lieutenant Commander. He served during WWII on active duty as a Navy Commander from 1942-1946.

How long did Sassoon serve in the army?

4 years, he was already in the Sussex Yeomanry when war broke out in 1914. Injured in an accident before he was due to leave from France he was later commissioned into the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in 1915. He was awarded the Military Cross and wounded several times being treated for shell shock and ser ( Full Answer )

How old do you have to be to serve in israel's army?

If you are an Israeli citizen, you get recruited into the Israeli Defense Force when you graduate high school around age 17/18 you do training for a bit and then have to serve for two or so years.

Can a Canadian serve in the US Army?

The only way a Canadian can serve in the US Army is if the US and Canada fight a battle together, that way all the soldiers are the same/equal. But other then that, if you are Canadian and want to serve in the US Army you must become an American.

Can moors serve in us army?

Yes, although foreign nationals who enlist in the US military are subject to screening against a list of approved home countries for foreign volunteers.

How many years do you serve in the army?

There used to be the option to serve two years of Active Duty (one of my roommates while I was in did a two year enlistment), although I believe that's no longer an option. Three, four, and six year contracts are available, and each reenlistment is typically for four more years, until you get to a p ( Full Answer )

When you are discharged from the Army can you be forced to serve?

When you enlist into the military, you obliged yourself to an eight year Mandatory Service Obligation. You might serve two years, three years, four years, etc., but, until the eight year mark is past, you're subject to recall back into the military if need be.

What entertainment is North Dakota famous for?

Medora, North Dakota has the Medora Musical they present each summer in an outdoor theater. Lawrence Welk, who was born near Strasburg, North Dakota, became famous due to his weekly television show and his distinctive "champagne music".

Who was allowed to serve in the roman army?

Any freeborn male who was at least 18 years old was admitted to the Roman army. He had to be in reasonably good health, both physical and mental.

Who can serve in the US army?

Anyone who volunteers to help the US army is allowed to, though not everyone has to.

Did Rambo serve in the army?

John Rambo is a fictional character. In the story, he is a former member of the US Army Special Forces, and a Medal of Honour recipient.

What years did Elvis serve in the army?

March 24, 1958 to March 5, 1960. He entered active duty 24 Mar 58, and was discharged as a SGT E-5 on 5 Mar 60. He was discharged from the Army Reserve 23 Mar 1964.

Why did Christians not serve in the Roman army?

Even in the first two or three centuries of Christianity, it seems that members of the faith could be both bigoted and intolerant of other beliefs. The example of Marcellus the centurion is a case in point. Obviously having become a Christian, he threw away his arms and the ensigns of his office, an ( Full Answer )

Why you serve in the army?

The Army is a great opportunity for any person to get involved in. The U.S Army is a way to test yourself physically and mentally. The Army will teach you responsibility, honor, discipline, and respect. Not only will you be able to travel the world in the Army, but it also provides great funding for ( Full Answer )

What did you have to require to serve in the roman army?

The requirements for military service changed over the years. At the beginning of the city, one had to be wealthy enough to arm himself and his supporters. Marius changed this to anyone who was a Roman citizen while the auxiliaries had to be freeborn. One also had to be in good health both mentally ( Full Answer )

What army did Hitler serve in?

Hitler was the Commander of the German army. He was the commander of what is today known as the third reich.

When did Romans serve in the army until?

The military age was 17 to 46. At the beginning of the professionalization of the army, the career of a soldier was 16 years. Then in was lengthened to 20 years. Therefore, you would retire from the army depending on the age you joined If you enlisted at the age of 17 you would be discharged when y ( Full Answer )

Do you have to be born in the US to serve in the army?

No. You don't even have to be a citizen. I served four years in the Regular Army and four years in the National Guard being born in Namibia, and retaining my Namibian citizenship until about a year-and-a-half after my ETS from the Guard.

Can you enlist in the army rangers without serving in the army?

No... doesn't it seem a bit of a redundant question? The Rangers are an element of the Army... to serve in an Army unit, you have to be in the Army. Don't really see any other way to go about it. If you're just interested in the school, you can go through it without being in the Army... but you'd st ( Full Answer )

What ages serve in the Roman army?

There was no maximum age limit in the Roman army. The minimum age limit was twenty, depending on the times, but if a fellow was satisfied with the army he could reenlist indefinitely. There was no maximum age limit in the Roman army. The minimum age limit was twenty, depending on the times, but if ( Full Answer )

What US presidents served in the army?

George Washington - Commander in Chief of Continental Army during the American Revolution. . James Monroe - served in American Revolution . Andrew Jackson - American Revolution, War of 1812, First Seminole War . William Henry Harrison - Indian wars in the NW territory, War of 1812 . John Tyler - ( Full Answer )

Who had to serve in the roman army?

All free men were supposed to serve in the Roman army. However, just because one was eligible to serve, did not necessarily mean he had to serve. During peacetime, the army generally had enough volunteers to keep its ranks fairly full. When there was trouble, though, more men were needed to be tra ( Full Answer )

Why do people serve the army?

Lack of other options, take some time to figure out what they want to do, maybe they really believe the patriotic spiel, it might be an occupation which seems interesting to them, gang members looking to get combat training, people who see it as a stepping stone into a career path they're interested ( Full Answer )

Who can serve in the roman army?

After the Marian reform any fit man who was of military age (17 to 46) could join the army The only restriction was that he had to be a free man--no slaves allowed to enlist.

Can Muslims serve in the British Army?

From a British perspective, there is nothing barring a Muslim from serving in the UK Military. If there are any impediments, they come from Muslims or Islam. . Yes they can and yes they do. The British forces have Imam chaplains to support serving Muslims in their faith.

Why was Cedric the entertainer famous?

Cedric the Entertainer is an American actor, comedian and director. His real name is Cedric Antonio Kyles, and he was born in 1964 in Jefferson City, Missouri.

How long did MacArthur serve in the army?

MacArthur graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point in1901, and retired in 1935 after serving the previous four years asChief of Staff. This was twice as long as an officer usually heldthe top spot. There was nowhere to go but out, since he hadascended to the top and stayed there longer t ( Full Answer )

What are famous entertainment companies?

Famous Entertainment companies cover all aspects of entertainment . They include large companies that own real estate such as casinos and specialized companies that focus on a specific type of performance or entertainment genre such as film. Famous entertainment companies of these types include Cesa ( Full Answer )

What is 'Cedric the Entertainer' most famous for?

Cedric the Entertainer is the stage name of Cedric Antonio Kyles. His acting credits include being the co-star of The Steve Harvey Show, and as Eddie in the Barbershop series of movies.

Who is the longest serve army chief?

In the US Army General Winfield Scott. Scott joined as a juniorofficer in 1808, and was an authentic hero of the War of 1812. Hewas a giant, standing around 6' 8". He became General in Chief in1839, and led the most remarkable campaign in US history in 1847during the Mexican-American War. Landing at ( Full Answer )