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It is the female praying mantis.

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What female insect usually kills and eats her mate?

A Praying Mantis

Which female insect eats it's mate spider or bee?


A birds stalks kills and then eats an insect Based on its behavior which ecological terms describe the bird?

A bird that stalks, kills, and then eats an insect could be described as a carnivore, a predator, or a consumer. Each of these terms imply that the bird gains energy from eating other organisms.

How does a spider get its food?

Usually they'll catch their food with the spiderwebs they make. First spiders weave their web. Then they wait for an insect to fly into the web. They wrap the insect in their spider silk which is what the web is made from. Then the spider injects the insect with venom that either paralyze or kills the insect. The venom makes the insect into liquid. Then the spider eats it.

What bird stalks kills and eats an insect based on the behavior which ecological terms describe the bird?

carnivore, consumer

A bird stalks kills and then eats an insect Based on its behavior which ecological terms describe the bird?

third-level consumer.

A bird stalks kills and then eats an insect based on its behavior which ecological terms describes the bird?

carnivore, consumer

What ecological term describes a bird that stalks kills and then eats an insect?

Based on it's behavior, the bird would be a carnivore and consumer.

Will a fly eat a dead insect?

Yes it eats anything that is dead. If a bigger animal kills another animal the flies come!!

What insect eats other insects?

A insect that eats other insects is a praying mantis.

What is an example of a simple food chain?

Snake eats frog, frog eats insect, insect eats plant, plant "eats" sunlight.

A male insect that eats the female?

No stick insects do not eat each other you may be thinking of a praying mantis.

Which insect starts with a h is brightly colored and eats crops?

An insect that starts with an "H," is brightly colored, and eats crops is a hornet. They are usually bright yellow and black and eat many kinds of plants and insects.

Where did the black widow spider get its name?

The Black Widow spider got its name because the female eats her mate following mating. Though this does not always happen, people believed it did and therefore gave the spider its title. The female usually kills the male after mating.

What insect eats another insect?

Spiders and praying mantis do.

What insect eats fish?

there isn't an insect who feeds on fishes.

Eagle eats frog frog eats insect insect eats microscopic animals microscopic animals eats microscopic plants?

yes i think that is how it goes in a ecological pyramid.

What eats a leaf insect?

a panda eats walking leafs

What insect eats pages of books?

A insect that eats pages from books is a bug .every day a bug comes and eats it so you better watch out peole

Where in the food chain is the leaf insect?

Leaf insects are NOT on the food chain nothing eats it! This insect only eats plants.

What is the relationship between a insect and a frog?

well frog eats insect.....

What insect eats the dragonfly?

a lizardfly

What is a Mucivore?

insect that eats mucus.

What insect eats grasshoppers?


What is an insect that eats plants?