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== == * All three of these manufacturers make a very high-quality product. The fiberglass shell is not the important decision; the installer is the big decision. Spend a lot of time researching and checking out the installation company. == == * This is a difficult question to answer considering most people will have only one experience with a manufacturer. All the companies listed seem to make good pools (I did exhaustive research, visited 3 different companies in 3 states). However, I too have a pool from Midwest Fiberglass Pools and the overall experience was terrific.

Be diligent with your research, work only with reputable contractors, and be patient -- it will take longer and cost you more than you expected. == ==

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Q: Which fiberglass pool is the best - Trilogy... Viking... or Aloha - and why?
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Which fiberglass pool is best viking aloha or trilogy?

My understanding is that Trilogy pools are built with a layer of gelcoat, a moisture barrier of vinyl ester and sprayed chopped fiberglass, general purpose resin and a layer of woven roving fiberglass fabric saturated with general purpose resin with sandwich core reinforcement. Aloha's pools are built with quite a lot of TLC, as the head of the company is a former "Top Gun" Navy figher pilot. They use a labor intensive hand lay-up process incorporating marine grade gel coat, a moisture barrier of chopped glass and 100% vinyl ester (no blends, fillers, extenders or redrummed materials) and many layers of multi-directional, hand-laid, woven fiberglass fabric, chopped strand mat, carbon fiber reinforcement at key stress points as well as aerospace grade structural honeycomb on select flat walls. Trilogy offers a "limited lifetime" structural warranty. Aloha offers a straight 75-year structural warranty.

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