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Which flame is best for laboratory procedures blue flame or yellow flame?

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It depends what you want to do! A blue flame is typically much hotter than a yellow flame. Sometimes you want to heat something very hot, and sometimes you want to heat something gently... and so you can choose which part of the flame best suits the purpose!

blue flame

2013-06-28 06:22:19
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Why is non-luminous flame best for laboratory operation?

because of the gravity of the earth.

What type of a flame is best to use?

if you are talking about what flame to use on a Bunsen burner than the yellow flame is to make sure that everyone knows that there is a flame but the blue flame (less visible) is used as the hotter flame and the better one.

How do you prevent the underside of the test tube from turning black?

Turn down the gas on your burner to reduce the yellow part of the flame. the blue flame is best for no black, called soot.

What are some of the best chemistry projects?

One of the easiest and best chemistry projects is putting Mentos in a Diet Coke bottle to cause a reaction. Similarly, baking soda and vinegar will have a reaction. In addition to this, adding colorants to a fire will create a colored flame. For example, sodium will turn a flame yellow, and potassium chloride will turn the flame purple.

What type of flame is the best for heating?

The hottest blue flame.

Which gas welding flame is the hottest?

It's called a Neutral flame. Enough Oxygen is added to the fuel to allow almost complete combustion. The remaing fuel is combined with the surrounding air and burned. This is the best flame for most cutting and welding operations. Too little Oxygen produces a Carburizing flame. It is yellow and produces smoke. A slightly Carburizing flame is used when welding Aluminum. Too much Oxygen produces an Oxidizing flame. It begins to sound louder and the inner flame comes to a point.

What is the best flame from a Bunsen Burner?

The most stable flame is a blue flame (produced when air valve is open)

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