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Paper, because it is much lighter, and a foil airplane will take up much more mass.


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A lined paper airplane flies the farthest. It flies the farthest because it weighs less than any other type of paper. For example, it weighs less than an airplane made of construction paper and it weighs less than an airplane made of copy paper.

I am doing a science project in school. Subject: How does temperature affect the way a paper airplane flies?

Yes. A wider winspan will make a paper airplane fly farther.

paper i think paper i think it's paper it's way lighter than aluminum so it will go farther

The kind of paper chosen to make a paper airplane affects its weight. The best paper for making airplane is the light but firm paper. Firm paper prevents the paper plane from crumbling in the wind.

It depends on how the paper how it is made . But in general yes it does

Sometimes it is but it most depend on the wind. :)

Foil printing is to print some pattern with the foil on the fabric or paper for shinny effect. There are 2 kind of foil printing method. First, pattern is printed by glue on the fabric or paper, and then pressed with foil paper by hot steel roller. Second is printing on the foil paper first, and then press the foil on the fabric or paper. Of course with hot steel roller or iron. Foil paper look like cooking foil, but it is called the stamping foil paper. Actually it is not the paper but the detachable foil film on the plastic base.

Construction paper will probaly fly best because it's thinker

well some paper can be more heavy than other paper so yes

if it weighs less it will fly farther

The world's farthest paper airplane was made from paper used in Origami, as per standard for the record. Joe Ayoob holds the world record at 226 feet and 10 inches.

A paper airplane by ken Blackburn is the longest to stay aloftin 27.9 secs. but a walkalong glider flies long too but it is not a paper airplane because you still need to cut tape and fold.

It depends on how you throw your paper airplane. Also how you make to paper airplane.

The effect of a hole on a paper airplane would depend on the type of paper airplane the hole is on, and where it is on the aircraft.

A paper airplane is affected by gravity, in proportion to its mass. The paper airplane will only stay aloft as long as the lift (upward force) is greater than or equal to the force of gravity (downward), plus the time it takes to fall to the ground. Thus, for the same amount of lift, a lighter airplane will fly farther.

That depends on what you want it to do. There is no best real airplane, much less a paper airplane.

The range of a paper airplane varies by model.

both foil and plastic repel water while water will wet paper so the answer is PAPER.

i think the construction paper airplane will fly farther

Yes, the design of a paper airplane can effect its performance.

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