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Q: Which football club has won the most silverware in the world?
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Which football club is the most richest club in the world?

Manchester United

Most popular football club in the world?

The current best football club in the world of 2008 is Manchester United

Where is Arsenal football Club rank as the world most supported club?

the 4th most supported club in the world after Barcelona, R Madrid, M Utd then Arsenal

Who is the most rich football club owner in the world?

Gareth Bale

Who is the most successful team in the world?

Glasgow Rangers Football Club

Who is the most profitable football club in the world?

it is Stoke City .. Everyone knows that !!

What is the most popular football club in world?

Manchester united

Which is the best football club in the in the world?

The best football club in the world is most definitely Manchester united. They won the European cup last year and are on there way this year so they are definitely the best in the world thus far

Which club takes the most football fans to away games in the world?

Barcelona does it has the highest fans towards it in the world.

What Scottish football club has Celtic football club beaten the most?

probably dundee united

What football club has the most supporters in the world?

Manchester united with 965 million supporters around the globe

Which club is most popular football club?

Manchester United