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Reinke History? Good call! It's Gravy. Can you let me know if you get an answer? Pleeeaaase?!?! Still a really good Idea

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What founding father wrote a book on rules of etiquette or chivalry for the eighteenth century?

George Washington

Who is David Pelzer's father from the book A child Called It?

Stephen Joseph

Was James Madison a founding father?

AnswerJames Madison is considered a founding father as well as the"Father of the Constitution" because he did more than any otherfounding father to help pass the constitution, including writing many of the federalist papers along with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. AnswerThere a few definitions of "founding father" from rather broad, to highly specific. By most standards, James Madison counts. He was the principle writer of the Constitution. He is also mentioned in "Seven Who Shaped Our Destiny: The Founding Fathers as Revolutionaries" a book by noted historian Richard Morris, where Madison is named as one of the seven.

Who is the antagonist to the book called a child called it?

The antagonists are the boys mother and father, but maunly the mother.

What rhymes with bother?

father2 syllables:father, strother3 syllables:church father4 syllables:city father, foster father, founding father, holy fatherfrom: rhymezone.comNo perfect rhymes in my book, but maybe you should try near rhymes, substituting the "th" for a "v" e.g.bovver hover windhoverSmother

Who is David’s father?

David Pelzer is an American author who wrote a three book series detailing the abuse he faced from his mother as a child. His father was Stephen Joseph Pelzer.

What is the plot of the book the Green Glass Sea?

The book is about a child who goes to see his father in New Mexico who is secretly working on the atomic bomb.

Silence of the book founding brothers?

When the founding brothers, were silent and didn't talk to anyone for 10 years.

How is Abraham the father of many nations?

The name Abram means "Exalted Father". This was changed during the narrative in the Book of Genesis to Abraham, which means "Father of many". The story describes God as promising Abraham that he would be the father of many nations, and goes on to describing his descendants as founding different nations in the Near East.

What if the mother of a child wants to have the fathers name removed from the birth certificate?

Well,she can do that, but it depends on the standards, like if the you knew the father, or if the child will ever see his/her father. something like that. I watch a lot of court shows and I also read a book about it.

Who is David Pelzer's father?

David Pelzer is an American author who wrote a three book series detailing the abuse he faced from his mother as a child. His father was Stephen Joseph Pelzer.

What book discusses the founding fathers' ideas versus the US today?

a history book

How wrote the book street child?

i think you mean " who wrote the book street child?" not "how wrote the book street child?"

Is there a wild child a movie book?

yes there is a book for wild child

Quotes from the book a child called it?

what are some quotes from the book, "A Child Called "It""

What is the book IT about?

The book IT is about an abused child.

WHAT CapitalistIC book influenced THE United States founding fathers?

Wealth of Nations

When was Father Goose's Year Book created?

Father Goose's Year Book was created in 1907.

Was John Hancock one of founding fathers?

Yes. Too see more look in the book called: John Hancock (Founding Fathers) by Stuart A. Kallen

What has the author Allison Davis written?

Allison Davis has written: 'Father of the man' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Child development, Child study, Lending library 'Psychology of the child in the middle class' -- subject(s): Child psychology, Social psychology 'Imagine... a Wish for Grover'

How many pages does Father Goose's Year Book have?

Father Goose's Year Book has 128 pages.

When did the abuse start in the book a child called it?

when did the abuse start in the book named A Child Called "It"

Who of the Hogwarts founding fathers does not have a descendant appear in a Harry Potter book?

Godric Gryffindor

In The Author to Her Book Bradstreet compares he book of poems to what?

To as if the book were her child

What was Dave Pelzers first book?

daves first book was "a child calle it". it was about him being abused during child hood

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