Which frog can climb a tree?

Updated: 10/9/2023
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it has tiny sucker things on its fingers that stick to the trees and plants

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The red eyed frog that has sticky pads to climb trees.

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Q: Which frog can climb a tree?
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Which amphibian has stickey toes to help it climb tree limbs what is it called?

The answer is The Tree Frog. The Tree Frog has sticky toes to help climb tree limbs. I found this out doing normal grade 4 homework. Boring but you get the imformation. From Lily May McConachy

How does a tree frog escape from snakes?

Climb a tree or other object.

What is the difference between a tree frog and an albino frog?

An albino frog is a frog lacking pigmentation. A tree frog is a frog that can climb (or in the taxa of those that can). They can be one and the same, ie you can have albino tree frogs.

Can newts climb trees?

no newts cannot climb trees because they have slimy and slippery legs. but there is a frog which is called a frog tree which actually can climb trees.

What are the most important things about a tree frog?

it can climb trees

How a green tree frog moves?

They can walk, run, swim, leap, and climb.

How is a tree frog able to climb on tree trunks blades of grass and leaves?

because if you think about the frog is really ligt and has sticky pads on its toes so it will stick on things it climbs on

What is a red eyed tree frog's favorite activity?

They like to climb trees and hide under leaves.

How does the tree frog protect itself?

It depends on the type of tree frog, but non poisonous frogs generally use camouflage for defense.

What can you put your Gray Tree Frog in if you don't have a fish tank?

if you don't have a fish tank,try a small tank with plants and rocks for it to climb on .The size of the bowl depends on the size of your frog

What is the best frog to get?

whites tree frogs/dumpy tree frog/ smiling tree frog

Can you mix a leopard frog with a tree frog?

I did and they were fine. If the Leopard frog is very large and the tree frog is very small you have the chance of losing your tree frog.