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It's called a Neutral flame. Enough Oxygen is added to the fuel to allow almost complete combustion. The remaing fuel is combined with the surrounding air and burned. This is the best flame for most cutting and welding operations. Too little Oxygen produces a Carburizing flame. It is yellow and produces smoke. A slightly Carburizing flame is used when welding Aluminum.

Too much Oxygen produces an Oxidizing flame. It begins to sound louder and the inner flame comes to a point.

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Q: Which gas welding flame is the hottest?
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Which gas burns the hottest when cutting torch is used?

oxygen supports the combustion of the gas that one uses in the welding/cutting torch. Acetylene combined with Oxygen produces the hottest flame.

What is the hottest part of a welding flame?

It is just at the end of the blue flame that comes from the tip.

Is blue flame the hottest or not?

The white colored flame is considered to be the hottest.

A Bunsen burner burns with the hottest flame when its hole is fully open because this allows plenty of gas from the air to reach the flame What is this gas?


In the Bunsen burner where is the flame hottest?

The hottest flame is the blue flame and the coolest flame is yellow.

What are the enviornments of welding?

The environments of welding could be one of the following:- open air- outer space- under waterthese different environments need different energy sources like gas flame, an electric arc, gas flame or laser.

Is the blue flame of a Bunsen the hottest?

no the white flame is the hottest

What is the hottest part of the flame?

The blue part of a flame is the hottest.

What is the gas for welding?

Oxygen and acetylene for flame welding. Argon for Tig welding CO2 for MIG welding steels Argon for MIG welding aluminum TRI-mix for robotic mig of steels. And helium is added for some overhead welding.

When you look at a candle flame how do you know which part of the flame is hottest?

The reddest part is the hottest part. The blue part of the flame is the hottest.

Why blue is hottest flame?

The white colored flame is considered to be the hottest.

What color flame has the coolest temperature?

I'm not an expert, but I think it depends on what you're burning, if it is a gas fire than a lazy yellow flame is the coolest. But if you're burning carbons, (paper, charcoal, etc.) than a greenish flame is the coolest.