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probably rap, most censoring, clean versions, explicit songs.


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Dubstep is the most overrated genre of music

why should music lyrics be censored

The Most popular Genre of music around the world would be Country Music ... You loose

The most popular genre is pop music. Most popular singer at the moment is Ane brun

Rap/Hip Hop music is the biggest and most listen to genre now.

By most accounts most of ABBA's music is considered pop.

Probably the most well know genre of music of Jamaica is Reggae due to the islands links with Bob Marley.

Genre 129 is a type of metal, most likely metal-core

Rock'n'roll of course. Don't believe anybody who thinks it's heavy metal, reggae or any other... you know, censored word.

Wagner is most known for his operas and music dramas.

Theoretically, it could be used in any genre. The harp most often appears in classical music, though.

Beets do not favour any musical genre. The purpose of beets is to help determine which genre of music a track is, and then catalogue it accordingly, allowing the owner to then utilise his music according to it's genre.

It seems to be that Pop has the most subgenres.

Its most of the time rap which is fast.

The most famous music featuring the acoustic guitar from what I know would have to be Country music.

It is the music which creates the atmosphere required for the film genre.

Most music in this genre came from the Caribbean Islands such as Trinidad and Jamaica.

The most listened to genre of music in the United States for the previous five years is country music. Country music has surpassed rock and hip hop music for the last 7 years.

The genre of the music? Oodles Answer: Country

The genre of the music by the Strokes is Alternative rock

Country Music sells the most albums...not pop.

Hip hop is everywhere today.

Most of his songs are marches

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