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R&B and Soul

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Q: Which genres of music is Motown music a combination of?
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What are two similarities between blues and Motown music?

Motown has owned or distributed releases from more than 45 subsidiaries in varying genres, although it is most famous for its releases in the music genres of rhythm and blues, soul, hip hop, and pop. There is no info on the similarities of the two music genres. !

What type of songs are considered Motown music?

Motown music is music that originated when the industry began the role of racial integration with music. The majority of Motown music is Blues based but Motown is actually a recording label and they produce a wide range of music varieties.

What is the background of soul music?

Soul music gets its background from rhythm and blues, gospel and jazz music. It was very popular in the 50s and 60s. Sub genres include blue-eyed soul, Motown Sound and smooth soul.

Do you capitalize music genres in AP style?

No. You do not cap music genres according to AP Style Guidebook.

Did classical music influence Motown music?

No, Motown is influenced by Soul and Pop primarily However, in the first few years, Motown used members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to play the backup music.

What is 5 genres of music?

Five genres of music are pop, country, rock, hip-hop, and rap.

What are some of the genres of Moroccan music?

Moroccan music comes in many different genres, mainly based on region. Some of the Moroccan music genres include Aissawa, Gharnati, Griha, and Malhun.

What type of music is Michael Jackson?

The type of music he is known for is pop and Motown. Pop when he became a solo artist and Motown for when he was in the Jackson 5.

What genres of music has the piano been written for?

The genres of music for the piano are Jazz, Pop, Blues, Rock and Classical.

What genres of music sound best on the amplifier?

The genres of music that sound best on an amplifier are Techno,Dance and Trance.

What genre is bigpond music?

"Bigpond music is mot music genres. They are based out of Australia, but as a distributor of music the are associated with most major and many minor music genres of various backgrounds."

How many music genres are there?

try here double click music genres above for more info

Why do you categorize music into genres?

People categorize music into genres so that they can recreate it. Categorizing music helps a person know what instruments they need to recreate it.

What genres of music did they listen to in the 1800s?

Classical music

Style of music?

diffrent type of music genres

What are some genres of hispanic music?

some genres of hispanic music are: cumbia,merengue,salsa,bahata, and reggaeton.

Which type of music is Detroit famous for?

Detroit is famous for Motown music.

Are chamber music choral music and duets genres of western music?


What is a good sixties music karaoke CD?

There are many karaoke CDs that offer compilations of songs from the 1960's. Its impossible to recommend a specific title, as there are many genres of music for that time period, such as Motown performers, the Beatles, Elvis, or even more mellow songs.

Where did the Jackson Five record their music?


What year did Motown music start?


What kind of music can be found at the website Music Remedy?

There are many genres of music available on the website Music Remedy. This music listening website has all of the latest songs, most music genres and a top 100 list.

What kind of music does Teddybears make?

Teddybears is a Swedish band who are known for their mix of genres, particularly the pop, rock, hip hop, electronica, reggae, and punk genres. These are not the only genres they mix in their music but they are the most common genres used.

What are two similarities about blues music and Motown music?

one is more new a

What was Motown's name before it was Motown?

Motown is a two-syllable reduction of the term "Motor City". It is a reference to Detroit, and is an affectionate, and music industry, term, not an official one.