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It depends on the composition of each of them.

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Q: Which gets cold faster plastic or glass?
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Why is tea cooled more rapidly by blowing on it?

because we put air from our mouth and the tea gets cold

What gets cold first hot or cold water?

Isn't cold water already cold? I would say cold water gets cold first. I've heard that hot water freezes faster than cold water.

Does water freeze faster in a can or plastic container?

Water gets freeze in a can rather than plastic container because plastic sis a non conductor of heat and chillness.

Why do glasses break in the fridge and freezer?

Because the glass gets cold and to form the figure it was in it had to expand with heat therefore putting a glass in an extremely cold enviornment like the freezer the glass particles get compact (really tight) and shatters.

What is 3 transparent object?

Enough light gets through so that you can see the image clearly.

What happens to a clear plastic tube when you put it in water?

It either gets,hot or cold depending on what water you put in.

What is happening when water droplets appear on the outside of a cold glass of water?

The air has moisture (water dissolved in the air). The amount of air that can be carried in the air depends on the temperature. Warmer air can hold more water in it than cold air. When the cold glass is exposed to the air, the air touching the glass gets cold, is no longer able to hold as much water and the water in the air condenses (comes out of solution) on to the outside of the glass.

Why are plastic shoes not suitable for horse?

They do not absorb as much shock as metal shoes, and when it gets cold (in the winter) the shoes may crack.

Which gets hotter paper or plastic or glass in the sun?

Glass definitley does. if you are raising a catipillar or a worm, put in in a BIG Plastic container. It will live much longer. I am a 5th grade science teacher Glass. Put lots of grass cap of water, and make sure it has a BIG BIG BIG plastice container. -Susan DO NOT PUT A CATIPILLAR IN GLASS. It could die quikly from the heat.

Can you microwave glass bowls?

Plastic or glass allow the microwaves to penetrate the food and heat it. Metal reflects the microwaves and can damage the microwave oven. Some plastics can melt from heat transfer so glass is best.

What is the definition of graduate cylinder?

The definition of a graduated cylinder is a glass or plastic container that is used for measuring liquids. It has a wide base but gets narrower towards the top.

Which freezes faster hot water or cold water?

Cold water will freeze faster. Because the freezing point of water is 0oC, water that is closer to that point will freeze faster then hot water. This is because it will require less time to lower the temperature to the freezing point.