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the goddess Athena

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Q: Which god or goddess was born from Zeus' head?
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Which god or goddess was born out of Zeus head?


Was athena always a goddess?

Yes, she was born from the Greek god Zeus' head a goddess.

Who is Zeus' god or goddess?

Zeus is the head of the Greek pantheon; he has no god or goddess. He is a god, the chief god as it were.

God who born from Zeus' body?

Athena was the goddess who was born from Zeus's head in full battle armor and wielding a shield and spear. She is the goddess of wisdom and battle.

What greek god was born by sprouting straight out of the head of Zeus?

athena,the goddess of wisdom and war

Who relieved Zeus headache?

Prometheus god of forethought. . . . he split Zeus head opened and Athena goddess of wisdom was born, withought a mother ;; Zeus had her as a union.

What is the name of a god or goddess?

Zeus was the head of the Greek gods. Ares was the god of war.

How did Apollo become a Greek Goddess?

Apollo is not a Greek goddess; he is a Greek god, born of the Olympian god Zeus and the Titan born goddess Leto.

What is Zeus the goddess of?

Zeus was a god, not a goddess. And lightning, the sky.

Who the most powerful god and goddess?

The most powerful god and goddess is: God - Zeus Reason: he is the god of storms and every god/goddess Goddess - Hera Reason: She married Zeus, which meant that she was the god of gods/goddesses Possible answers: God - Neptune (first god) Goddess - Nyx... Even Zeus would dare not fight her Nyx was the eldest goddess

Who was Zeus' child?

Athena ( born by chopping Zeus's head open ) Artemis ( goddess of hunting) Apollo ( god of the sun) Hephaestus, Hermes ( the messenger god ) and Ares ( god of War )he had many varieties of children with mortal woman.