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Apollo is not a Greek goddess; he is a Greek god, born of the Olympian god Zeus and the Titan born goddess Leto.

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Q: How did Apollo become a Greek Goddess?
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How did Apollo become a goddess?

Apollo was born a Greek god, a male deity who never became a female goddess.

Who is the Greek goddess of sunlight?


How did Greek begin?

by he goddess Apollo

Is Apollo and Egyptian goddess?

No! Apollo, for a start is Greek! Secondly, He is the Greek God of light!

Who was the Greek goddess sing?

Apollo was the greek god of music.

Who was the Greek goddess of medecinal herbs?

There is no Greek goddess of medicinal herbs but there is a Greek god of healing and medicine Greek god of medicine is Apollo.

Why was Apollo a Greek god?

Apollo was a Greek god because he was from Greek mythology and was the son of Zeus (a god) and Leto (a titan goddess).

Is appolo a greek god or goddess?

There is no Appolo; there is a Apollo.

Apollo the Greek gods siblings?

Apollo has a twin sister, Artemis, goddess of the hunt.

Did greek god Apollo marry?

The Greek god Apollo never married but, in some mythologies he married the goddess Athena.

Was the Greek goddess Athena married to Apollo?

No. Neither Athena nor Apollo were married. However, Apollo was known for many affairs, but none with Athena. She was a virgin goddess.

What is the Greek name for god of medicine poetry music light?

The God of music is Apollo and for the Goddess' you may want to look up the 9 muses they are sometimes known as Goddess'. This is just Greek mythology i think