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Big Business


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Q: Which group enjoyed sucess under president harding?
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What group enjoyed seccess under president Harding?

Big business enjoyed success under President Harding.

What group enjoyed success under Harding?

Big Business

Which group benifited most from the poloices of president warren harding?

which group benifited from polcies of president cooldige

What group prospered under President Harding?

President Harding followed traditional conservative and pro-business policies, giving tax breaks to some of the wealthiest men in the country. So, it is certainly true that big business prospered the most while he was in office. But it is also true that some of his corrupt friends prospered as well. While there is little evidence that Mr. Harding himself was corrupt, he seemed unable to say "no" to his friends, some of whom were involved with dishonest activities; their dishonesty affected Mr. Harding's reputation.

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Which 1920's president was connected to many scandals during his administration?

The 1920's president who was connected to many scandals during his administration was Warren G. Harding. Some of the well-known scandals include the Teapot Dome scandal, where government oil reserves were leased to private oil companies in exchange for bribes, and the Ohio Gang, a group of Harding's friends and allies who engaged in corrupt practices. Harding himself was not directly implicated in these scandals, as he died before they fully came to light.

What impact did the Ohio gang have on the harding administration?

First, the "Ohio Gang" wasn't really made up of gangsters. It was a group of politicians and business leaders who became friendly with Mr. Harding when he was still a senator from Ohio. Unfortunately, he was not always able to say "no" to his friends: when he became president, some of these men turned out to be involved with get-rich-quick schemes or corrupt business dealings. And while there is little evidence that President Harding was also involved, he did nothing much to stop them, which contributed to giving his administration a bad reputation.

Who was president when the pittsburgh KDKA begun broadcasting the first weekly radio program in 1920?

First, it should be noted that KDKA did not begin the first weekly radio program. The station was one of a small group of stations on the air in November 1920, but it became the best known through the excellent publicity department of its parent company (Westinghouse). That said, the presidential election was between Warren G. Harding and James M. Cox. The election was won by Harding. At the time of the broadcast, Woodrow Wilson was still in the White House, and Harding became the new president.

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