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The Federalists or Leaders

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Maryland leaders

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Q: Which groups of people were left out of debate over the formation of a new American government?
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Native American government that linked different groups?


How does the Aztec government work?

The Aztec government took its formation from civilizations of the past. There was one leader with smaller groups in charge who reported back to the single leader.

Who are the 3 main groups involving in the auto emissions debate?

The Car Companies, Government, and the Environmental Groups. This is a classic debate with a supposed mediator. Car companies want to cut costs by not having to change engine dymanics for efficiancy, but more for cost effectiveness. environmental groups bring a valid point to the table with concerns about the environment. So the government is the to regulate both sides so that the auto companies can maintain business, but the issues regarding environmental safety remain in check.

What are the groups in the congress that study and debate bills before they go to a floor vote?

The groups in Congress that study and debate bills before they to to a floor vote are called committees.

The proclamation of 1763 marked the beginning of the political dispute between which two groups of people?

The two groups that were sepperated by the proclamation line of 1763 were the American Indians and the British.

What native American groups organized to push for reforms in government policies?

Which didn't? But AIM - the American Indian Movement - is perhaps the best known.

American business groups created a government in Hawaii with who as president?

Sanford B. Dole. He declined though

Which Native American group had a decentralized form of government?

To my knowledge all Tribal groups practiced a decentralized form of government, with very few exceptions; those being central American tribal orginizations.

A system of government by groups or officals?

A system of government by groups or officals?

What is A public disagreement between groups with different views?

Epistemological debate.

Why is a perfect society not possible?

No one person is perfect. Since societies are made up of individual people who are imperfect, there will be inherent imperfection. People have so many viewpoints and beliefs, and we tend to defend and honor what we believe in. This leads to the formation of groups of people with similar beliefs, and those groups tend to argue and debate their beliefs with other groups of differing beliefs. This can lead to violence.

A public disagreement between groups with different views is called a what?

Epistemological debate.