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Mars does!!!

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Q: Which has a lower temperature earth or Mars?
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What is the temperature on mars compare it to earth?

The average temperature on Mars is about minus 50 degrees Celsius. That's about 70 degrees lower than on Earth.

Why does neptune have a lower surface temperature than mars?

Neptune has lower surface temperature than Mars 'cause Mars is closer to the sun.

Why is there a temperature deference between earth and mars?

According to Nasa earth's average temperature of earth is 15°C The temperature of Mars is estimated to be −55°C on average. The temperature difference is because Mars is farther away from our sun.

Are the temperature of the moon are higher or lower than the earth?

the temperature of the earth is lower than the Earth.

Is the gravity on mars smaller or larger then earth?

Gravity on Mars is substantially lower than on Earth.

Which planet is most similar in temperature to earth?

Mars is most similar in temperature to earth.

Does mars have the same temperature as earth?

No, its colder.

How is the temperature in mars compared to earths?

The warmest places on Mars are about the same temperature as the coldest places on Earth.

Why does carbon dioxide freeze on Mars but not Earth?

Carbon dioxide freezes on Mar and not on Earth because it is colder on Mars and the atmospheric pressure on Mars is lower than on Earth.

Why is it different in mars temperature?

This question doesn't really make sense but the temperature on Mars is different than Earth's temperature because it is much closer to the Sun than Mars

Why is Mars hotter than the earth?

Mars is not hotter than earth. Earth has a higher average temperature than mars because it is the 3rd planet from the sun while mars is the 4th to the sun

What is the tempureture on Mars?

The temperature on MARS would be much more cold their than in earth

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