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Coca Cola Zero has more calories than Coca Cola diet. If you look at their cans, it says that Diet Coke has 0 calories, it says on a Coke Zero can that it contains 5 calories. You can probably find this out by the taste difference also, COke Zero tastes sweeter than Diet Coke and has less of a Diet Soda aftertaste.

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Diet coke maybe

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Q: Which has more calories Diet Coke or coke zero?
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What has more calories coke or Diet Coke?


Which fizzes more Diet Coke or regular coke?

Which has more fizz diet coke or regular coke

What is more fattening Diet Coke or normal coke?

diet coke

How many calories in the various sizes of coke?

It is unsure of, also you would need to be more specific, they have coke and cherry coke and vanilla coke and so on, but they also have coke zero, and diet coke.

Does Diet Coke have more sugar than original coke?

Diet coke has little or no sugar in it. Sugar is a form of energy and so would not be added to diet coke. Diet coke is pretty much carbonated water and addatives and contains only a couple of calories.

Does Diet Coke have more fizz than regular coke?

No because diet coke have more caffeine so there for diet coke does not have more fizz than regular coke......

What has more density regular coke or Diet Coke?

diet coke because it has more caffeine

Does Diet Coke have more bubbles in it than coke sprite and caffeine free coke?

No, it does'nt. Infact Diet Coke has less "bubbles" or carbonation in it the regular coke. this is because when they create the Diet factor in coke the soulution is less reactent to sugars and calories creating less carbonation

Why does a coke sink and a Diet Coke float?

Because a regular coke is more dense and has more sugar. A diet coke has more sugar

What explodes with mentos more coke or Diet Coke?

Diet coke works best.

What has more aspartame diet Pepsi or diet coke?

diet coke

What is the difference between coke and coke zero?

Coke: 100+ calories Coke zero: No calories Coke large: 200+ calories Coke zero large: No calories still

Why does Diet Coke fizz more than coke?

well regular coke fizzes more than diet coke because regular coke has more carbon dioxide.

What is more dense a regular coke or a Diet Coke?

Regular Coke

What are the differences between coke and Diet Coke?

Coke has more sugar

Why is coke more dense then Diet Coke?

It has more sugar

Does Diet Coke have more carbonation than coke?


Which produce more fizz Diet Coke or regular coke?

Diet Coke is fizzier for some reason.

Does coke or Pepsi have more calories?

Pepsi because if they where not diet it would be pepsi

Why does Diet Coke have the most fizz?

The reason why Diet Coke has the most fizz is because Diet Coke has the most carbonation. Diet Coke is more carbonated than any other Coke product.

Is Diet Coke more acidic than regular coke?

No. Regular Coke is more acidic.

Will Diet Coke float or coke float?

diet coke will float because it has less density then regular coke because it has more sugar and less chemicals and vice versa for the diet coke.

Does Diet Coke or coke give you more energy?


Does Diet Coke have the same amount of caffeine as classic coke?

Diet coke actually has more caffeine than classic coke. 12 ounces of diet coke has about 45 mg of caffeine while classic coke has 38

What makes Diet Coke go higher than coke when you drop a mento into it?

Well, the Diet Coke has more carbon dioxide than coke. Therefore, the Diet Coke goes higher than the regular Coke.