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Q: Which has more polarity water or hydrochloric acid?
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How does lithium burn in hydrochloric acid?

Lithium actually reacts more with the water the hydrochloric acid is made of more than the hydrochloric acid itself.

Is hydrochloric acid clear and transparent?

Yes, hydrochloric acid is clear and transparent, it looks much like water, but much more acidic. Hydrochloric acid has the ability to dissolve calcium carbonate (the material shells are made of).

Is concentrated hydrochloric acid a suitable acid for alcohol dehydration?

No. Even concentrated hydrochloric acid contains much water. Concentrated sulfuric acid, which can be completely anhydrous, is much more effective as dehydrating agent.

What is considered a strong acid?

There are about 5 common acids which are considered to be strong in water (in more or less dilute solution):Hydrochloric acid, HClSulfuric acid, H2SO4Nitric acid, HNO3Hydrobromic and hydroiodic acid: HBr and HI

Does Hydrochloric acid kill citric acid in your stomach?

First off. You should NOT be drinking hydrochloric acid. Second, hydrochloric acid added to another acid is just that, more acid.

If you have concentrated forms of hydrochloric acid strong acid and acetic acid a weak acid which is more acidic which has more hydrogen ions?

Hydrochloric acid has more hydrogen ions and therefore is the stronger acid.

When water and hydrochloric acid are mixed why does the pH differ when more acid is mixed?

because pH is the measure of how much acid it contains it would change if you added more

Is hydrochloric an acid or base?

Hydrochloric Acid or HCl is a strong acid. This is because it dissociates completely in water (the very definition of a strong acid/base) into H+ and Cl-. Since H+ are free in the water it causes the water to become more acidic and therefore an acid. The dissociation coupled with the free H+ after dissociation give it the classification of a strong acid.

What happens to pH of water when hydrochloric acid is added to water?

the water will get more acidic. the PH will decrease meaning the pH is acidic

Acid most dangerous carbonic acid or hydrochloric acid?

Hydrochloric acid by far the more dangerous and poisonous! It is fully ionized, whereas Carbonic acid is not.

Is ethanoic acid stronger than hydrochloric acid?

No it isn't. Ethanoic acid, more commonly called acetic acid, is a weak acid. Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid.

What is the difference between the reactions of concentrated hydrochloric acid and dilute hydrochloric acid with magnesium?

Concentrated hydrochloric acid is more reactive than dilute hydrochloric acid. When concentrated hydrochloric acid reacts with magnesium, it produces magnesium chloride and hydrogen gas more quickly and vigorously compared to when dilute hydrochloric acid reacts with magnesium. This is due to the higher concentration of hydrogen ions in concentrated hydrochloric acid, leading to a faster and more intense reaction.